This refrigerator from 1956

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14,7k hps

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  • By - Zamr

Ghislaine Maxwell won't fight to keep John Doe names sealed

I can't help but look.

Party time, shower them with sparkly paper

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I needed this today

  1. Have fun getting yelled at and kicked. The pug community for mvm are a bunch of savage assholes. I would suggest starting with heavy. They won't notice that you are new as easily. If you put stickies in the wrong place I have seen people call for a vote kick.

  2. 4 for eating, 5 for sandwiches, 6 to crumble on salads

  3. have to check the agenda.... the gay agenda

  4. Seriously, how do we not have shelves that can be pulled out, and pushed back in? My biggest pet peeve with my refrigerator is having to organize things from front to back. That would alleviate all of that

  5. Lots of fridges do have that technology.... mine does... you just have to pay extra for it.

  6. Just in time for me to give zero cosmic fucks

  7. Community servers that have admins on them. There are a few of them left that are still fairly active, especially at prime time hours.

  8. did you put the Hawaiian pizza on top just to erk reddit?

  9. Soon we will find out that he was hiding his MS....

  10. I’m 35, perfectly healthy and tripped walking this morning. I do not have MS.

  11. Its a reference to the west wing tv show.

  12. It takes 15K HPS to heal some +15s and it takes 6k HPS for most +20s. You would think after 2 years people would learn the fucking mechanics.

  13. Hunters are auto-shotting when selecting a target (sometimes), happens with or without interact on left click enabled, had a few early pulls yesterday because of it

  14. SURE HUNTER... We believe you. It is not your fault you keep doing the same thing you have done since vanilla :-P

  15. It is almost certainly the windmills fault. I am not sure how but Tucker will find a way.

  16. Must suck going through life being so judgmental and letting what others wear effect you

  17. Yea man I don't want to smell your feet for 3 hours.

  18. I’ve sat next to many people wearing sandals on planes and never once have I been able to smell their feet

  19. Okay you have convinced me. I want airlines to go back to dess codes. No tee shirts no jeans. We will teach you Americans how to dress properly once again.

  20. The other half was a dreadlord and we had to kill it.

  21. I hope this becomes an enduring meme for ever in wow. When ever there is a plot hole or something does not make sense it was a dreadlord.

  22. Please this^. Spread this message far and wide. The cost and waste associated with a k cup machine is obscene. I'm not even an environmental nut and I can see the problem here. #7 plastic, okay, biodegrades from 150years to 500 years.

  23. They keep on using the nespresso pod in their images and not k-cups.

  24. If you are getting angry because you can't find your keys, you should really talk to someone. Anger management can be a serious problem.

  25. yea join community servers with admins

  26. This evil witch needs to be protected until she spills the names of everyone who’s part of this scandal

  27. Yea, I won't be surprised at all if she winds us "killing her self"

  28. Look at the bright side at least it is on a plate

  29. wait what? A rat blain slicer is 800$? Is it more than this piece of plastic you just printed?


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