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  1. I love niche cars. This is a perfect example of how to keep these cars around. Really enjoy all the pics and I know it was hard work.

  2. Is it just me or does warpriest feel a lot smaller than how he used to be

  3. I saw him spawn and went “Huh. I remember him being bigger.” I’m glad to see someone else feels that way.

  4. Had someone ruin a flawless master run of VoW with the old sword ‘em to oblivion. People went to the bathroom, and this person had zero brain cells and yeeted them off the map. They felt so bad, they deleted the sword.

  5. My work semi has just been promoted to a short shuttle route. It’s got 550k on it with 11437:51 on it. I’ve single handedly idled it every day this week a minimum of 40hrs. I am ashamed to say even when it’s nice out, she sits running.

  6. Low effort post thanks to Kentucky Ballistics on YT

  7. You can become overseer of a new settlement and it'll abandon the old one as you can only be overseer of one settlement at a time. I'd personally look for the sentinel pillar on that planet and use it to wipe all of them for the free loot.

  8. That works???? I just tried to nuke them from my ship and my GPU practically exploded when they dropped loot. If that’s the case, I’ll just do this.

  9. And yet nothing in the US will be done. No new investments for affordable mental healthcare, no background checks for firearms, allowing even the most unstable to own them in the name of “freedom”

  10. Mental health would have helped this person tremendously. Maybe even helped them prevent this massacre.

  11. While I’m sure they’re coded to do this, I’ve had real people driving their shitbox cars do the exact same thing.

  12. I bought a car where someone did care and cleaned it. Too bad they cleaned it with a wire wheel and removed the fucking paint. Truthfully, stick on weights ruin a wheel and working to remove them is a pain in the dick.

  13. I’ve got a 2001 that just rolled over to 200k. The engines hurt, got a knock on startup and over 3k rpm, but every morning it starts.

  14. Rooftop Rumble...over and over and over and over. Shit, even as much as a few months ago, I would do "Grab Your Ballas" then "Defender" and then "Cleaning the Cathouse" over and over and over, due to all of them ending very close to the other one's starting....

  15. All that grinding to be able to get the Adder. I got lucky and when modding first hit console I killed a modder and got 9 mill for the bounty. Bought every piece of clothing and the apartment downtown right across from the construction site.

  16. Truthfully after playing gta online (not a good example) it reminded me why we need that old content.

  17. I tried to trigger the plates outside VOG in a fireteam of two while in patrol.

  18. Those are .25 ounce weights for some clarification.

  19. I forget about it until someone points it out.

  20. Commenting here cause no one noticed it yet.

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