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  1. Not sure why this is so confusing to you: Google will always get their share, whether you work with Google directly or through a third party like AdThrive. All those third parties serve Google demand mostly.

  2. It's not confusing to me; I just don't what Google's share is. I also don't know off the top of my head what the square root of 77 trillion is, but it's not confusing.

  3. "Perfectionist traits—higher self-criticism, and unrealistic standards leading to isolation—are associated with severe alcohol use disorder (AUD)...

  4. PQ_ says:

    Very expensive though.

  5. You mean Utrecht is expensive, or trains are expensive? If trains, then good to know that there are lots of train discounts for e.g. students, for people who travel together (samenreiskorting), for avoiding certain peak hours, etc.

  6. AT5 has an article today about this proposal:

  7. I think there should be a lane for ebikes, scooters and racing bikes (wielrenners) or a lane for overtaking

  8. Would be nice, but I don't see where they would find the space for that. The paths are already quite narrow now.

  9. "It may be the case that 'people gradually learn to broaden their cooperation with friends and acquaintances to strangers, which is called for in more urban, anonymous societies,' said co-author Paul Van Lange of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. "

  10. I also try to stop as a cyclist but sometimes it's wildly impractical, and sometimes it's even more dangerous to stop than to keep going.

  11. "Across states, the effects on injury crash rates ranged from a 7% decrease to an 18% increase. The effects on fatal crash rates ranged from a 10% decrease to a 4% increase."

  12. I miss that old "spurious correlations" site; I think its maker found so many that he just gave up after awhile.

  13. McDonalds owns nearly $30B in real estate, making them one of the largest commercial real estate holding companies on the planet. They make more money collecting rent from their franchisees than they do selling food.

  14. [T]he results showed that those who initiated the communication significantly underestimated the extent to which recipients would appreciate the act of reaching out.

  15. "Users with sexual or profane language in their usernames generated on average around 50% more toxic content than similarly active users with neutral usernames.

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