1. Thanks! This is exactly what we were looking for! Excited to test this out.

  2. 👏👏 Thanks! We can’t wait to hear your feedback - give to us honest, don’t hold back! The more candid the better.

  3. This is great! Saves me at least 15 min a day crafting social media content across all my apps. And no I can pivot to diff locations without worrying about letting my followers know.

  4. Thanks for the feedback! Glad it was able to save you time and allow you to focus on serving your customers. Feel free to send over any other feedback you have, positive or negative. We want to make sure the Forwheel app can provide as much value to trucks as possible!

  5. So has anyone had any success whatsoever finding staff with a job board like indeed, or is that a waste of time?

  6. In our area an App called “Poached” is 10x better than indeed for the service industry. There might be something similar in your area.

  7. I hadn’t heard about Poached but will definitely check it out - thanks! Assuming you’re based in Portland from your handle? Does Portland have any rules about staff on trucks needing some sort of license or health certificate to work on the truck?

  8. It’s not bad nowadays. You can update it about as easy as Facebook. Used to take days to reflect but now it’s pretty quick. But it’s a pain because there are hours posted on tons of platforms and pos if you have online ordering.

  9. Thanks. Do the POS systems off of a predefined schedule you set or is there a way for you to declare in the POS that you are currently open, come the day?

  10. I use square and you basically set a schedule in their system. There’s also a ‘taking online orders’ toggle button, so you need to have your schedule set to being open and have the toggle button set to accepting orders in order for anything to come through.

  11. Myself and a few colleagues have joined together to try and build an app that makes food trucks more accessible to the hungry public, that does NOT eat into the food trucks profit. Been chipping away at it for close to two years.

  12. I’ve been considering partnering with either doordash or skip the dishes. What made you choose dash?

  13. Socials and getting posted on foodie accounts and columns. If you have a local food editorial email them about what you serve, your story, and what makes your product unique.

  14. Yes! There’s an explosion of food trucks since Covid.

  15. Love that! Any social media accounts where we can check out the food?

  16. There’s one specific one I follow:

  17. Awesome. Thanks! If you want to see hundreds of New York food trucks under one account check out

  18. We're actually in the process of trying to provide trucks with some relief in this area. We talked to tonnes of trucks on their pain points and social media management was a fairly consistent theme throughout. Here's a quick demo of our Beta (coming in Jan):

  19. This was a great read! I wrote a small blog post based off of this discussion:

  20. Right, we are legally committed to the name lool but it was a play in Four Wheels 🛞🛞🛞🛞

  21. Well, this is I think the area that will make or break your Food Truck participation. We pay soooo many fees already, that your service has to prove itself to be worth the fees. And a lot of smaller guys will be timid to “take a chance” if your just starting. I would certainly offer some incentives for the food trucks willing to ride the beginning wave with you. Maybe even offer a co-op to the first 50-100 trucks or something?

  22. Can’t thank you enough for your candid and thorough feedback/insight, truly appreciate it.

  23. For sure, I agree that you likely need someone around you that can cut through the BS that an agency spews out, but I also think this can be done by a non-technical person, provided they are astute. I’ve known product managers who better understood the requirement and made smarter commercial choices than CTOs.

  24. Thanks for this. Can you recommend any good resources you used on your search for an offshore agency to partner with?

  25. If you click on user settings, then click on "profile" (next to account), scroll down to NSFW. See if it is on or off. The same thing happened to me. Apparently it was on. You want to turn that off.

  26. Prepping and storing is the main reason they want you to have a commisary. You have to prepare foods in a place that is approved by the health dept. Yes you can turn your building into a commisary, but I would guarantee it's going to cost you more than just renting a place. If you look around enough you should be able to find something for around 100 a month. I currently pay 50. It's a breakfast place that closes at 1pm so nothing is going on when I'm there. Look for brewers, churches, shrines clubs

  27. Thanks for the info. How does that work? Is like a flat fee or a % of the sale kind of thing?

  28. Their website says the process is free. Maybe they changed their business model 🤔🤷‍♂️ Hopefully they don’t say it’s free and then reveal charges as you get into the process - not cool. Either way, appreciate the info.

  29. I bought my food truck through this brokerage:

  30. Does used vending add a charge you for the brokerage service they provide?

  31. Everything lol. Having to figure all the rules and regulations by myself. Decided on a menu and prices.

  32. You might find this read useful a little further down the line as your menu naturally evolves. It’s examples from this subreddit on how they added “up-sell” items to their menu. Hope it helps!

  33. Ha - yeah, the process sounds like such a minefield! Glad you got through it and persevered. Your menu looks 🤤 Wishing you the best of luck, hope it’s a great success!

  34. Something free or cheap that then you can add a something that goes well with it.

  35. When I used to work as a server for Olive Garden, it was the same thing with the free breadsticks. We always tried to upsell the Alfredo or marinara dipping sauces

  36. Now I want Olive Garden breadsticks! This is a classic example though 👌

  37. What's up y'all. This was one of the better reddit truck posts i've come across a while in terms of the amount of good advice offered. Posts like this are why I love reddit!! Anywhoooo, I summarized all the awesome advice in a blog post and made sure to credit this sub-reddit and all the contributors - you can read it here (and keep me honest) if you're interested:

  38. This will give you a good idea of how few permits are available to vend in the city:

  39. Not sure if you’d be willing to travel into Manhattan to work on a truck but we have a social media page that promotes New York food trucks and we have around 300-400 trucks on there. They are a super helpful community - would be happy to post a message on our story for you if you’d like?

  40. Let me keep this offer in my back pocket? I am definitely interested in getting experience but crossing the bridge might be prohibitive as a “apprentice”. Thank you very much though and I may very well still take you up on this offer especially if your community reaches New Jersey.

  41. Curious, what platforms do you plan to use for online ordering?

  42. I use Clover paired with a third party service for a dedicated, branded app at my current restaurant. I plan to carry this same idea over to the food truck because the system has operated near flawlessly for 3 years and still going.

  43. Thanks! We loved making the video and are super keen to do more like this. If there are any food trucks in New York or Jersey area that are interested in being featured, DM me, please!

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