1. People have been wanting to paint Mik as a bad person or untalented or unworthy of her success since the second she got on drag race. She’s far from a perfect person but some people are truly giving superfan behavior with how angry she makes them lmao. (The reason for this is prejudice against either trans men or AFAB folks as a whole but no one is ready for that convo)

  2. I felt like maybe I was wrong for thinking this way.... but it truly blows my mind how out of pocket this is becoming.

  3. Also I'm pretty sure Dida was only speaking on Morgan's behalf because of her NDA

  4. I can see Katya doing this, plus "hunty", "werk it fiercely", "diva", etc

  5. The way this sub has turned on Gottmik specifically has been nothing short of frightening!!

  6. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s all that deep (not to you personally but in general). Questioning her intentions, her decisions, and what she’s presented to us thus far sure. But I’ve seen some absolutely WILD comments about him that I do not think are warranted based on what we’ve seen.

  7. https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline

  8. My partner grabbed a vuse when they stopped selling the juul pods for a week and it’s terrible. Only plus side is a that one pod lasts several days.

  9. I love Juuls Virgin Tobacco ejuice, everything else about juul sucks.

  10. That’s the only thing keeping me from switching because I’m afraid I won’t find anything similar

  11. I just posted this same question about a week ago and I can say they absolutely have and I’m looking to switch asap.

  12. So I talked about the possibility of autism with my psychiatrist who I’ve been seeing since January, and she was very receptive, gave me a referral and was affirming about it. My whole life reflects this experience that matches up exactly to the diagnosis. Everyone talking about autism online, and being friends with other autistic people is what made me realize that the shoe fits. However when I talked about it with my therapist (who’s probably no older than me, late 20’s) she cautioned me about “self diagnosing” due to what I may see online. She said that autism is now a buzzword on tiktok and Twitter and to be careful making “assumptions”. I haven’t talked about it with anyone but my partner, who has been very supportive of it, because I know how everyone else in my life will react until I get that $400 stamp of approval.

  13. Sorry but genuinely what the fuck is Cracker wearing

  14. I’m in Port Richmond. There are groups of kids always hanging out going between the playground, library/park, and the Rec center. So many school aged kids hanging out. Mornings are mostly for young children in these places with their parents.

  15. Seconded. I'm right across from a nice park in Port Richmond and there are always TONS of kids there from 4pm-8/9pm during the week, all day on the weekends. Like you said too, in the mornings it's usually toddlers/kids not old enough for school yet at the park.

  16. what’s even funnier is that she’s recording herself doing it either for her Snapchat or Instagram, as if it’s not something to be incredibly embarrassed about…

  17. The only thing that could have made this worse is if some audience member accidentally (or ironically) tipped the intruder.

  18. This. It's getting late in the season though. Almost time for hen of the woods😎😁

  19. Literally just harvested four pounds I found walking through Wissahickon last week. I yelled "Holy shit!" and ran off the trail to get it:

  20. Missed opportunity to say purrrfect.

  21. It will stop happening if you install a fireguard. I swear every fireplace my sims find they'll install a fireguard.

  22. It's actually from the handiness skill.

  23. My partner and I were driving up Delaware Ave one night and a car had hit a pole and caught on fire. I was waiting for someone to answer for 12 minutes. Another night we were walking our dogs and there was a man passed out unconscious on the sidewalk. I tried to talk to him (he was still breathing, OD I’m assuming) and my partner called 911, it took them 8 minutes to answer and another 15 for an ambulance to show up. Even when someone totaled my car and I needed medical assistance my partner got to the accident 30 minutes before the police did. It’s so crazy.

  24. it took over 20 minutes for an ambulance to come when my father in law died

  25. Yep, same here. They even said had they gotten there sooner they could have helped him. It’s terrible.

  26. I have a whole list in my notes app, but the #1 for me is Amy B from Kitchen Nightmares (Amy's Baking Company). I think she'd be the perfect Snatch Game character

  27. I actually just cackled because if someone did this it would be SUCH a serve

  28. I call her top 3 candidate along with Black Peppa and also Danny Beard. I love Chedar Gorgeous but I think UK4 will screw her over like many other legendary UK queens.

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