I hate it when job interviewers ask "what is your greatest strength," so I printed up these business cards to just hand out when asked.

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  1. Maaan I spoke with Alex the other day and he’s a super cool dude! Really hoping I can get lucky on one of those lotteries one of these days. Really really want to get a Lamia in hand.

  2. Are you going to try to get one of the Gen 2s that Alex is putting up?

  3. It seems crazy and unreasonable. It probably costs less than $65 to make it. And m390 is pretty good but not $500+ good.

  4. The M390 isn’t even good. They had the HRC listed at 58.

  5. Paranoid people I guess, you can get top performing AIO’s with long warranty’s for reasonable money now so can’t see why you wouldn’t for mid/upper tier chips.

  6. Because you can get similar performance from an air cooler, for even more reasonable money, with the same warranty and you don’t have to worry about leaks or shorts.

  7. WTB/WTT: Jack Wolf Knives (preferably natural micarta)

  8. I have a textured nonflipper Arius that I might part with

  9. I don’t have any particular ones, but feel free to PM me what you’ve got.

  10. Im only 16 and this was supposed to be “the best” edc knife

  11. If you want something similarly priced to that Benchmade, I would look at Spyderco. They have a couple small QC issues of their own sometimes (wonky bevels, slightly off center, etc.), but I’ve owned several dozen Spydercos and never had one that didn’t work mechanically and wasn’t acceptably sharp out of the box. That being said, it looks like something happened to the omega springs on that Bailout, I would open it up and look at the springs.

  12. Thanks for that, Foodmaster. Interestingly, while a lot of great knives are made in SA, many are spld out completely (and often in advance) to overseas markets. That said you can get locally. I just ordered a Arno Bernard iMamba which I’ll get in a few weeks. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

  13. You’ll like the iMamba, one of my favorite acquisitions of 2022

  14. Awesome. I ordered mine in Snake Skin CF with flipper delete. What configuration did you go for?

  15. Fantastic knife. CRK level quality on a flipper. RWL is chemically identical to CPM 154.

  16. Come to TN there are no knife laws whatsoever. I saw a 12 year old with a fixed blade buck the other day like rock on little bro

  17. The only caveat in TN is that if you commit a crime and they find a knife in your pocket, you’re probably going to have your charges upgraded.

  18. WTB: Curtiss f3(any size), olamic wayfarer, attn2detail mercantile, shiro, or arius.

  19. Anyone know if there is a practical application for this type of blade? Besides cutting mushrooms, I guess.

  20. I don’t know if this counts as a practical reason, but from my understanding, it’s so you can hook the point into the opponent when you make a slash while knife fighting.

  21. Wanted to ask, does the CRK carbon fiber inkosi have their new glass blasting or is it sand blasted?

  22. Jaguars literally kill Caimans by biting into their skulls and ratio Anacondas on the regular. A bear and another Jaguar are about the only things that could beat it.

  23. I’ve been on multiple interview panels and I’ve never once asked this question.

  24. That’s green G-carta. As contrived as it is, there is a difference 😂

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