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  1. Reading further, I think you're correct, fired/resigned from VSP maybe, and recently hired by county sheriff's office.

  2. Possibly in some capacity other than uniformed/plainclothes officer. Administrative maybe? I'm defending no one, just pointing out the possibility.

  3. Possibly. From my reading of the article it sounds like he was recently hired and maybe not yet cleared onboarding before going to patrol duty.

  4. Not that it matters, but that’s an excavator, not a backhoe. But regardless, all earth moving equipment is equally attracted to fiber bundles. And the longer a circuit will take to get fixed, the more likely it is to get cut.

  5. I call cement "concrete" just to screw with my friend.

  6. I was about to say this feels like Dave Ramsey. I hate being right all the time.

  7. Thank goodness there isn't someone else doing it. Though, it being Dave Ramsey there probably will be.

  8. Oh shit I thought that six sigma stuff was just a 30 rock joke. TIL 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. That just cedes control of which candidates even get a chance to run. Then the people choosing candidates are the fucking screwups who keep losing races all over texas in the first place.

  10. I've seen this claim before, but I don't have any interest in doing this, especially since I live in a part of Harris County where my vote in Dem primaries actual matters when it comes to my local and house races.

  11. My God woman only your head should be showing! Peeping out from a pile of fabric is the only way.

  12. Emergency vehicles are exempt from parking laws. And fire/emergency lanes are specifically for emergency vehicles. yes he would lose his license for illegally towing an emergency vehicle.

  13. Good luck proving that lol. In my town cops will turn their lights on just to run a red light and then turn them off again and drive normally. There's an "emergency" whenever they want there to be

  14. Oh yeah for sure. The only time anyone is getting busted for something like this is when they've screwed up so bad that their own agency wants to get rid of them.

  15. Your probably right, alil cocaine then a dui which leads to a divorce then bankruptcy, that’s usually something like the stories I’ve heard then it’s breaks their ego and it’s hard to get back right, he also might not be licensed in anyway just worked with a electrician which I’d think make it to get people to believe that experience

  16. I don't know about Florida but in Texas you can lose your license for unrelated things like child support, petit criminal convictions, etc.

  17. An Emergency Vehicle with its lights and sirens on has the right of way

  18. The fire truck driver still has the responsibility not to pull out in front of vehicles, especially trains since they cannot stop easily.

  19. Have any links? I couldn't find info on the guy. I saw a longer version of this a little while ago, and eventually, a bomb drops slightly below him and he didn't really move. The assumption was he had succumbed to his wounds.



  22. A broken clock * but lol this makes it funnier

  23. The fact the left in the US wants to reduce carbon, but the far left really hates nuclear, is mind blowing

  24. I'm pretty far left and I love nuclear. I think we should go hard for nuclear. Not just the traditional boiling water reactor but also develop new tech like LFTR and others.

  25. That bit a few years ago was done specifically because cops and other right wing gun worshipping nutjobs were co-opting the punisher symbol, and Marvel felt the need specifically to call it out because it was gonna hurt the brand/character if this kept happening. Needless to say the people doing the problem in question didn't read it (if they're capable of reading at all)

  26. Isn’t the most common IC in the world, used in almost every electronic circuit requiring timing?

  27. No there are much better clock IC's. The 555 is a good inexpensive general purpose timer IC for low speed applications. It's simple enough though that you can build your own working 555 on a breadboard with discrete components.

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