1. I don't keep track and I'm afraid to ask my husband to pull the records. We have DVC and APs. A safe guess is we spend about 2k per trip on dining and merch.

  2. I guess it would be better to say that my dad works at this university, so I get half off tuition here, and my parents wanted to take advantage of that in any way possible. It's honestly a terrible school for me to start out at, because there are like, 3 classes in their art department that even have equivalencies at scad. I'm scrambling just to find classes for my spring semester that I could take, because I've already taken my math and english requirements too, so I'm out of classes that will directly transfer. At this point, I'm planning to try and take some of the animation classes they have here, because if I'm stuck taking classes that will only transfer as general credits, I'd rather be taking something related to my discipline.

  3. Do they have art history classes? You could also take some business classes or social/behavioral science classes. Freshman year at SCAD you don't take any major classes.

  4. I have a theory that the parents that pre-Covid would not dream of pulling their kids out of school for a vacation have a much more YOLO attitude. So instead of waiting until school breaks, they’re planning trips whenever.

  5. We always pulled our kid out for a week for an early December trip because we can't really travel during normal break times. Not every school cares. We interview one school that said take a month off if you want.

  6. That’s really good feedback, thank you! Would you say it’s as limited at Saratoga or Old Key West?

  7. No. Those are all huge DVC only resorts. You'd have no problems renting there.

  8. Interesting. I haven’t looked at rental prices since I own, it’s not a massive different point chart wise. Two studios are about the same as 1 bedroom point wise. 2 bedroom is about 30% more than that. You’re right that a 2 bedroom would be massive for 4 people. For me though if you’re not close with each other a 1 bedroom doesn’t work well for 4 people. Those on the pull out couch lose a lot of privacy and comfort. The only two options are basically 2 studios or a 2 bedroom for that particular party dynamic.

  9. I was just pricing out if I wanted to get a 1 bedroom because I have some extra points and it was more than double the cost of a studio at the resort I wanted. We don't really need it. One of the choices that had a view difference was 300 points for a one bedroom.

  10. They're annual passes and no. Anyone who says otherwise is speculating.

  11. Debbie most likely pulls in pretty penny from LTC and her social security so I think she will be fine, if she smart with her money.

  12. I think Debbie claimed ssi early and took a reduced payment. I don't think she worked for the majority of her life so she's probably collecting off of her husband's record.

  13. Fair enough, but again, life is choices... If you're overly irresponsible and "free" when you're young then you won't have as many options when you get older...

  14. My husband was recently complaining about being too responsible. He did the math and we only live on a small portion of our income. We don't live too badly but retirement might be an upgrade.

  15. I'm not surprised, but upset that this affects people who already made reservations (such as myself). They couldn't start this hike with new reservations so people can properly budget for it? Sheesh.

  16. If you are pinching pennies for this you don't need it. It serves no purpose.

  17. I'm not pinching pennies, I planned for something 2 months ago, agreed to the terms 2 months ago, and now that I'm a week away it's a higher price. I'm certainly not gonna cancel the trip over the 40-some bucks (booked both experiences), I just think it's rude to the people who were already confirmed 🤷

  18. They just raised almost all of the food and drink prices. Is that also rude to people who planned to eat? If it isn't prepaid it is subject to change.

  19. Submit your resume and portfolio. You won't get enough to make it affordable. Look into doing your general education classes at community college and then transfer to only have to do 2 years at SCAD. You either need rich parents or crippling student debt.

  20. The existential anxiety I’m already feeling about my last night in Epcot on Nov. 27 (our trips’ final day) with my 12 and 9 year old is crushing me.

  21. My kid is 20 and still thinks Disney is a great vacation. Eventually I get grandkids to do it with.

  22. I book another trip. I've always got a trip in process. We have a schedule.

  23. Na I think it’s going to be the other way around or Nicholas just gives Esme baby to willow or both wind up miscarriage their babies

  24. That would be cruel to have Michael and Willow lose another baby or have a baby swap. There should be an allowable limit on those things, Like no more dead babies for Willow, Michael or Sasha.

  25. I really wish OG Nik wasn't such an insurance liability. He might have burned all of his bridges too but he is the perfect Nik.

  26. Yeah thought that as well, just seems rude to do that too, so that's also a factor why we wouldn't want to do that even if it would have been allowed.

  27. I've eaten at BOG and it really isn't too much food. We don't normally eat more than a main course.

  28. That's great to hear, thanks! Did you enjoy the experience? Was it only beauty and the beast characters or other princesses as well?

  29. It's just Beast and he comes out and does a lap around the rooms. No interaction. The dining rooms are nice so the atmosphere isn't bad. I wouldn't do it again. The restaurant that does multiple princesses hasn't reopened yet.

  30. Girl, are you okay? You can barely see him in this picture and it's a little creepy but you'll go on vacation with him? He does spring for party tickets so he can't be all bad.

  31. Maybe he should try acting. Get into the character in the moment.

  32. He's a movie actor. I don't think he's been in anything that has multiple movies and is left hanging. Someone said it was supposed to be a mini series. It makes sense he doesn't really like the format. It's not like he's a former soap actor.

  33. Is there any chance it's a party night at MK and the lots will be open later?

  34. The construction at Poly is related to a new DVC tower. All of the rooms were just remodeled so they shouldn't be blocked off. If they aren't showing up they are already booked.

  35. That's funny. No. Occasionally they run special tickets for residents. Why put something people will pay ridiculous prices for on sale?

  36. It's all or none. You can upgrade on the last day and it still costs the same price.

  37. Lol thank you. I’m not very creative so it was the first thing that came to mind.

  38. They aren't the owners so they don't have access to the reservation system so they can't post availability. There's no calendar to post. You need an owner to manually check.

  39. I own Disney's timeshare so I stay at places like Boardwalk and Beach Club all the time. You can rent other people's points and make it cheaper.

  40. Thank you. Do you know if that affects the main buildings and rooms or is that a separate building?

  41. It's a separate tower and doesn't affect any of the existing buildings.

  42. The reality is that restaurants need to change. Tipping culture has always been nonsense. It should be an optional thing on top of the servers wage. I do not agree to pay servers on behalf of the restaurant. I still do tip out of pity, but I won't do so based on what the restaurant charges me for a meal and I'm not going to be guilted into paying someone the wage they think they deserve. I'm a customer, not your employer. If servers have a problem with this kind of thinking, they can always find other work that pays an actual wage or petition their workplace to pay them properly.

  43. Then you should stick to low end restaurants if you are too cheap to properly tip. I pay enough for my meals. I don't need to pay more. If I choose to eat at a high end restaurant I'm going to tip properly. You end up stiffing your server by cheaping out because they are required to tip out other positions based on their sales not what they get tipped. You cost them money by eating there, Stick to Applebee's.

  44. I'll eat where I like. I agree that I pay enough for my meals. I shouldn't be forced to pay a workers wage on top of that. Working as a server is an inherent risk. You accept that when you take the job. You are relying on the kindness of people's hearts to earn your money. In my opinion you are entitled to a proper wage paid by your employer; you are not entitled to your patrons money. You've been so brainwashed that you think it's acceptable for an employer to pay you nothing and that it's the customers job to provide your wage. You are mistaken. Kindly direct your anger where it is deserved.

  45. You realize your suggestion puts dining out of almost everyone's reach. You pay for it one way or another and in your situation you're enriching yourself by screwing over the staff. No matter what line of business you use you are in some way paying the employees wages in exchange for the service you are receiving.

  46. I don't think Olivia is very judgy. She's more of smothering supportive mom.

  47. The outdoor seating is pretty crammed at most places too. Cant imagine it being worse than a plane ride though. I Hope you enjoy if you decide to go

  48. The filtration systems on planes make it very unlikely for someone to get it on a plane. You could get it at the airport but the plane is unlikely.

  49. My Dad cannot have any kind of seasoning except for salt. It makes most pre-prepared items a no-go. But Disney table service restaurants can deal with this. I still remember the meal he had at Boma - it was unreal! First the chef took him down the buffet line and told him what he could have. And when he realized how few items that would actually be, he went and created a pasta tower masterpiece that we will never forget!

  50. This is literally the worst allergy I have ever heard of and I've had my own food allergies at various times.

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