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  1. Definitely true, as a 25 yr old everyone I know my age is into edm. no hate but It’s not my thing. I’ll stick to the jam scene

  2. You and me both!!! Though I will say, plenty of my friends around our age have tried to turn me onto EDM without success, but I've turned several of them onto the jam scene through Phish and The Dead!

  3. At recent goose/TAB show average age was mid to late 40s. The jam scene is aging out and needs an infusion of fresh blood.

  4. 25 years old here and been going to jam shows since I was 14! Got a good little group of friends around my age and younger I go to plenty of shows with. We do exist!

  5. Then why is playing that shitty band instead of the Grateful Dead?

  6. Talking shit about bands other people like on a sub devoted to that music scene..... People like you are whats wrong with the community!

  7. Next time you let one go in bed, you can blame it on the cat.

  8. You are awesome! Love your art, bought a bunch over the years and finally got to say hi in Atlantic City at the art expo. My lunch cooler for work is covered in your stickers!

  9. Whats up, i would love to go, havent gotten a ticket yet but would love it! Shoot me a pm

  10. I always swore the last verse to tube started "an orange suit is raw inside" But it's actually "and alloyed suitors were all inside" Learned this recently. Still can't hear it the right way.

  11. There are dozens of us! Actually there are quite a few. At the merriweather post show, some guy saw me writing the set list and said, “you should write down that he’s using Koa #2. Are you in PGH?”

  12. Yup, big Phish/Trey fan here and it’s going to be my first time seeing Goose, perfect environment. I just moved down to Richmond this weeks actually, kind of thinking I should try and score a night of this run that’s about to go down but it’s sold out.

  13. If I may offer an evolution rather than a new addition... Last couple YEMs seem to have an abbreviated vocal jam that sets up a secondary musical jam and I have to tip my cap to it. I honestly don't love a long dissonant vocal outro, so this is a welcomed change.

  14. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I was at Saturday Deer Creek and flipped out when they went back into the jam after the vocal jam, my friends who were at their 1st and 10th shows had no idea what was going on. I really hope they keep that format as YEM is one of my all time favorite songs.

  15. Drove from Central VA to AC for last night got back to VA 2 hours ago. Hell of an adventure (7-8 hours each way) Anybody got a stream link theyd be able to share? Thanks!!!!

  16. Somebody got a stream for me in a dm? Thx anything appreciated

  17. Would somebody be so kind as to share even as much as an audio stream? Thx I was supposed to be there tonight but due to car issues didn’t make it. Making it to MpP and blossom!

  18. That was me as a child! 24 years old now and this summer will put me at 28 shows!!

  19. I found this in a kitchen drawer at my old house. It looks kind of like a scissor type device but has large ends that are wider and not very sharp. Girlfriend thinks it looks almost like a castration device. What is this?

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