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  1. Also, just fyi…when I started baking SD three years ago, I, too, used those large amounts for feeding etc. I decided upon alot of research, that one does NOT need to use those large quantities and then have SO MUCH DISCARD!! So, with my starter now, which is very mature, I keep only about 10 grams ( with small amt of discard in fridge in case I need it Dr to an accident…and I also dehydrate active mature discard n parchment paper and keep that in a jar I my panty. I am totally relieved and happy to not having all that discard ad this method works super well for me and will for you as well.

  2. Just watched this Jessie Tribble recommendation. Excellent ! Thank you

  3. Fourth time watching. Always amazing show in so many ways. I’m sure I’ll even watch it again

  4. Thank you!! Do you think I should keep feeding it every 12hrs or switch to 24?

  5. I’d give it a few more days of feeding and discard. Could be more active tbh

  6. Here’s an excellent way to visualize it all based on math

  7. i also love when the soldier is described as “someone’s frightened boy” for much the same reasons

  8. Mold has legs which reach all through the starter. Better pitch

  9. How old is your starter? To me it looks very ready to bake with. B

  10. It is 2 weeks old! I am still planning on waiting another week though bc apparently it takes 3-4 for the bacteria colonies to fully develop

  11. The longer it ferments the stronger it gets. If you can wait that would even be better. Happy Baking !

  12. Fun fact. Condoms in various forms trace back all the was to 11000BC.

  13. If I could live anywhere, I’d go back to Ireland ☘️ to live but it’s nearly impossible to become a citizen

  14. Pacific Northwest. Outside of a major city. I will not live somewhere where it routinely snows though.

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