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  1. What a disgrace of a mother that she's given the baby the last name of a "father" who won't even acknowledge the child, all for clout.

  2. It’s wild how there so much disdain towards there is towards one adult in this situation, the only one who seems to be caring for her child. Yet she’s is painted out to be the disgrace and not the father who abandoned his son.

  3. Oh, Tristan is absolutely much more of a disgrace. I didn't think I'd have to say that though, as I figured it was a given.

  4. I was just confused as to how is she the disgrace for Trashcan’s awful actions? His awful actions are his own. It’s a weird choice for her to use his surname because he doesn’t deserve it but it’s solely his fault.

  5. The next step is hiring a assistant to drop rose petals on her feet for the whole month of February for Valentine’s Day.

  6. Well she’d be stealing kylies ideas for pretending Travis cares about her on social media

  7. Omg yes when he completely filled her entire house with roses, no doubt he didn’t do it actually himself and also must have been a nightmare for their cleaning staff to deal with.

  8. There were some comments dragging her in IG about being so wasteful with going with such a large tree, I can imagine that tiktok was even more amplified. It goes to an audience that doesn’t even follow her.

  9. A flop era. Her bondage to this brand seems like a lazy way of wanting to appear “edgy/cool” without actually attempting to be creative or be fashion forward. Poots, 00s style sunglasses, that tired bag she has in every colour. Just a boring formula. She has the opportunity to wear practically any designer - custom, archive, off the runway. Yet she’s stuck with the same boring looks.

  10. Is it a turkey wearing a judges gown or am I seeing things? 🤣

  11. Personally one of the many things I like about this subreddit is that it isn’t purely a stan page but there’s a good mix of views, insights etc.

  12. I am very cynical about them and feel like they do many calculated things but don’t think this is the case. I think Kylie is keeping FKA Wolf away from socials because she had a really public pregnancy this time around & in reverse with her pregnancy with Stormi, she now reclaiming some privacy. I think Khloe is probably following the bandwagon and also doesn’t want to be clowned any further.

  13. The red carpet has had such a glow up since then! Looks like a different event.

  14. So much for “assessing” her relationship with the balenciaga 🙄

  15. In that clip it says that they signed a deal with coty in 2008 to develop and distribute fragrances. It doesn’t mean that their entire brand is controlled by coty. This may be a bit of a stretch.

  16. Deep in the flop era - also did she call the paps to take this pic?? To confirm that she’s still loyal to balenciaga? Wasn’t she assessing her relationship with them?

  17. I will say yes but somebody in the comment says those heels Kim got on are Yeezy also

  18. Yikes out of that gigantic wardrobe and archive, she’s just stuck with Yeezy and balenciaga. Double yikes.

  19. Monica rose was a stylist that they used to work with for years (Kim started working with her in 2007) and suddenly in 2017 they cut ties with her and unfollowed her. The same with Joyce who was an OG member of their glam squad and then they all unfollowed her without any explanation.

  20. unfollowed?? They were around each other’s family for years. They didn’t just unfollowed. Stop using their services. Stop hanging out. Stop being associate/friends.

  21. Well for this family, social media is everything and unfollowing cements that their ties are cut with someone. I also mentioned that they cut ties - that implies that they stopped using their services and ended their professional/personal relationships with them.

  22. This family dynamic will never make sense to me. It’s seems banned that anyone in their inner circle associates with or even follows anyone that has been excommunicated by them and is on their bad books but yet they’re besties with this man & he can literally do no wrong.

  23. Call me a cynic but the Trashcan PR makeover campaign phase 2 is being implemented. Phase 1 was a failure as they dedicated the entire last season of keeping up to soft launching him and Khloe getting back together & him being the ideal dream partner to her during covid lockdowns. We all know how he repaid their efforts there.

  24. Right?? Lool it’s really so blatant!! This man can do no wrong in their eyes at this rate whilst ex friends get excommunicated for life

  25. Lowkey thought this was gona be her last bf and get married

  26. I thought that too - especially when I saw a poosh YouTube vid with Kendall & kourtney where Kendall was dared to prank call her family and say that she just got engaged and she said something along the lines of “oh that is actually super believable”

  27. I don’t know what’s next for her.

  28. So true!! Agree with your points! Especially seeing as Kendall and Devin started out dating during the start of the pandemic when the NBA season was cancelled & they were able to spend a lot of time together. And then there was the NBA bubble where they had strict quarantine rules so it made sense why she wasn’t there with him.

  29. Such a beautiful picture!!! To this day I’m still not over her wedding gown 🤩🤩

  30. I feel like these new random ads are just another replacement for the diet shakes & slimming teas they used to always promote previously.

  31. If I remember correctly, Stassi also did something with Playboy. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

  32. Yes both Stassie and also Victoria (kylie’s previous assistant)

  33. The boots 🫢 for once she would have been better just wearing poots.

  34. Omggg I didn’t even notice but they are poots! Just makes it even worse loooool this stylist is really doing her wrong

  35. Sad how Kylie said she was having issues and that was instantly met with “well that doesn’t matter, this is about someone else” from Khloe.

  36. It has been a total snooze fest and just a repeat of things we’ve already. It’s so boring that we can already predict their entire next season:

  37. Just started the episode and Kim is so concerned with everyone potentially touching or even sneezing in her “Marilyn museum hotel room” yet she’s ok with squeezing herself into Marilyn’s delicate dress.

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