1. Is she doing ok now? Sometimes snakes will just not eat, my king snake just refused to eat for a couple weeks before, then all of a sudden went back to normal schedule. And also how big is the tank compared to snake itself? I’ve never had any problems with this, but I’ve heard from some people who own KSBs, vine snakes, etc that if the tank is too big and open for a snake they can get stressed out, or just sit in 1 spot for ages.

  2. Thank you! yes she shed the day after i posted and then ate a couple days later. Shes about 9in and her tank is 25gal. ill have to see if i can get a smaller tank to try out. I put lots of hiding places in there for her but she is always in the same like 1/3 of the tank. thank you again

  3. mines lower leaves droop when thirsty but i have one wierd leaf that is always droopy no matter what its weird. It never hardened or something.

  4. I used to be a delivery driver for dominos idk if this is the case for all of them but apparently you aren't insured unless you also have commercial insurance which for me it was about $800-$1000 a month or something really high like that and they didnt bother telling me until after i was in an accident. You also have to have regular car insurance too. :(

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