1. congratulations! the first one is always the hardest one. you've got it!

  2. I'm going on a plane in 7 hours with my 21 month old. let me tell you, i dread it more than anyone else. I am beyond embarrassed and apologetic, and we are preparing as much as we can to keep her occupied. but it's hard and exhausting for the parent, too. the only thing I can advise is if you really can't stand child crying, book first class as we aren't allowed on it. if you can't afford that, I'm so sorry, but it's a public place, and we really apologise. we are trying our best.

  3. I was allowed to keep my belt when I restarted, and honestly I feel like it should be that way (within reason)

  4. yes bur it's a big difference between coulour belts and blackbelts. and if he got it at 13 they would most likely say to just do it again

  5. Where's your guard at? your legs were going everywhere without purpose. keep practising, guard up, eye contact, strike with a purpose, or you'll just tire yourself out way to early. you can do it!

  6. I'm on my first read too. I love it! would love to talk to you about it as we both go trough the books! :)

  7. I'm on my first read too. I love it! would love to talk to you about it as we both go trough the books! :)

  8. I started because 8 year old me wanted to be a ninja princess... I'm not a ninja princess but I got my black belt atleast🤣

  9. no it's an aftereffect of the wave plus lacking enough control over your muscles. it's supposed to he quiet. alot of people when they hear "powerful patterns" think that means make as much sound as possible. it doesnt

  10. Ok! Wow, I didn’t know that it had to be quiet (except the sharp breathing lol). I try the forward punches on a bag and it’s powerful enough. That’s correct what you said. Thank you so much for the help

  11. it's okay in a pattern to make it look powerful, relax your muscles in the midpoint between the stances and then tighten them as you perform the moves. it's quiet and shows control over you body and it looks good :)

  12. Well we don't really have the flag in purs cause its a school hall. I do ITF. but yes that's what we've been told. and no we need to bow even if there's no one in the room. because you have to respect the dojang as well as the bo-sabnium and master. we say that when you bow you can leave all the abs stuff of the day behind in the door so you can enjoy taekwondo peacefully and if you must when you bow out you can pick it back up.

  13. ive done both much prefer ITF. they look better and have more instructions with them

  14. Before you get really into it please double check the page numbering. When it was first released there was a printing error and a load of the pages were in the wrong place. I know this as it happened with mine. I can't remember what pages exactly off the top of my head, I think around 200-300, but I can check when I get the book in front of me again if you want.

  15. I did the betrayal when I studied drama and theatrical studies. I loved it! enjoy!

  16. Congratulations on overcoming those challenges. Taekwondo is amazing for that.

  17. I see what you mean. I did get extremely depressed in those periods I couldn't do it. but I'm quite lucky to also love books

  18. That's awesome! That's exactly what I meant, loving other things only makes our lives better. Even if it's things we only care half as much about, they can be very important during injury times or whatever else comes up.

  19. I can't remember any other than the taekwondo bible. I mostly read fantasy :)

  20. we have nearly exactly the same books🤣 it looks lovely but you need an item of light

  21. There are a LOT of influencers that would not fit your “standard/societal normal beauty” checklist. That’s just hurtful to all influencers to state that.

  22. oh no, I think most people are beautiful. h7man beings are amazing. however she isnt a good person and therefore does not deserve my respect. how is that hurtful to all of them, I didn't say anything about them. however the job of being an 'influencer' is pointless for society

  23. That’s something that’s up to each person individually (the career path) and could be argued for any hobby or career field if you try hard enough. Your comment was generalized towards more than just Mikayla, because you state influencers as a mass instead of specifically naming her, so it’s applied to the entire influencing population rather than the specific influencer.

  24. no it doesn't. it's very obvious to everyone i meant her. it's a comment on a post about her, with pictures of her on a snark page for her. you're being Pedantic.

  25. before I moved to the UK I lived in norway. although kettles are widely accessible not everyone has one. we didn't have one for a while so I just boiled some water in a saucepan then added it. and then later on we got a kettle and then I moved to the UK and got an even better kettle 😀

  26. you practice them everyday. 10 minutes a day isn't really much. 10 minutes less on your phone, or TV or right before you g to bed. but it really helps you remember. if you know more than one focus on one a day

  27. the graveyard boom. First time I read it I was 12 years old. 8 years later I still pick it up from time to time and jack still gives me the creeps

  28. get a too long one and just cut it and see it to size. I'm short but got a big bust and butt so I've had to do that several times

  29. being spontaneous. I used to love just going on random trips anywhere and everywhere

  30. before I lost my virginity I thought it was going to change something In me (idk what) I was very confused when I lost it and I still felt exactly the same.

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