Cop flips pregnant woman's car for pulling over too slowly

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  1. Yes, new games are regularly announced at TGA, and 2022 is no exception. But don't let that get in the way of your pretentious meme

  2. Fuck it - all of the above. Hook me up to that copium and rip off the regulator

  3. I just wish Ragnarok had more things that were new. Other than the spear I can barely think of anything that's actually unique to Ragnarok. Maybe 2 or 3 runic attacks and the Ibex summon for Atreus?

  4. PS, sorry for the loud F You at the end, haha. I had killed him about an hour before this, but he killed me at the same time and his death monologue took too long for it to count. There were 2 or 3 other tries that got him down to a sliver of health, so I was just getting annoyed. Oh, and please don't mind the hot tubs. It's a gag on my channel and Dec is charity month, so there tend to be a lot of tubs added

  5. I used to argue with people who said "ACAB." But holy shit, after the past couple of years "bastards" seems like way, way too nice of a word. Evil pricks...

  6. I can confirm that the character named "Margot" in Elden Ring is indeed the same as "Margot." Not to be confused with Morgott or Margit

  7. Here it goes: I sped. I followed too closely. I ran a stop sign. I almost hit a Chevy. I sped some more. I failed to yield at a crosswalk. I changed lanes at an intersection. I changed lanes without signaling while running a red light and SPEEDING!

  8. Sekiro is the hardest? Besides I've defeated malenia rl1

  9. Haha, sure you have. And Sekiro is the hardest first playthrough, but easiest subsequent playthrough. I can pick it up today and beat it deathless in like 45 minutes. Elden Ring was much harder to master

  10. 4 playthroughs are all I've done with er and I easily beat it rl1, maybe you should take your own advice and git gud clown.

  11. You feel free to look at my profile for proof of me being gud. I'll continue being highly skeptical someone who calls ER unbalanced took the time to beat it 4 times, including once at RL1

  12. Fat roll is over 50%, mid roll is 25-49%, light roll is under 25%. You're probably mid rolling

  13. Black knife. From the Black Knife Assassin in Altas

  14. Nice kill! Wouldn't it be better to use Black Knife as the opener to delete substantial amount of its HP right from the start?

  15. That likely would have been a better plan, haha. I was mainly concerned about getting him rotted and then stacking more DOT with black flame and blade of death. But that extra chunk damage at the beginning would have been handy for sure

  16. I’m doing everything, I want to do the game 100% with 0+ so I can build a sick pvp build with every weapon and low level late game shit haha

  17. Damn! Well GL with the rest of your run! Are you planning to stream or upload the run at all? I checked out your YouTube - that Godfrey incantation fight is sick. Using the spells that levitate you to avoid the ground AoE damage is genius

  18. It is completely different, so whatever amount of Souls experience you have doesn't really matter. Actually, more experience would probably hurt you cuz you'd try to play it like a Souls game. It's very, very different. And incredible

  19. Run a faith build and go with pyro spells. It is a shockingly good build at RL1

  20. Commander Niall’s theme kinda sounds like Fire Emblem music when I think about it...

  21. Well now I need to listen to Fire Emblem music. And thanks! I didn't even notice I had like 10 health when I hit the final parry, haha

  22. There isn't a hitbox between his legs at the start of his roll

  23. As long as you're in between when the roll starts, you should be fine. Obviously if you're at his side attacking his legs he can absolutely roll over you

  24. In my latest run I was going to do a dual curve sword build because that's what I'm most comfortable with, but then I said screw it and went for a dual sythe build and it was surprisingly pretty good honestly

  25. Nice! Scythes are definitely fun, but curved swords are a blast as well. I did an Astel Wing and Cold Scimitar run that was very strong, and super fun. Definitely recommend revisiting that build if you get the itch

  26. I do curve swords the most honestly, they're my favorite way to play😂 I did a dual wing of astel build once, but my favorite way to go is shamshir and the scavengers blade

  27. Good combo as well. Mine was a Drizzt Do'urden cosplay run, so if you know anything about that character that's why I went with that combo, haha. He's a drow from a D&D series I like and has 2 scimitars - one named Twinkle and the other Icingdeath, hence Astel's Wing and the Cold Scimitar. Got through all remembrances in one stream so it was a beast of a build, haha

  28. I don’t understand what you mean since you can’t change the affinity on that weapon and if you want to maximize it for meta pvp you would want to put everything on dex(until 56 obviously)

  29. I assumed you meant quality as in STR/DEX, not just the affinity for the weapon. Also, DEX caps at 80, and you absolutely don't want to put everything in DEX. STR actually does better until it's up to 45ish - you want a mix of both to maximize damage

  30. Yep. And Geni was an absolute breeze after the Monk, haha. Most ppl learn a lot from the Geni fight, but for me 4 hours vs the Monk taught me how to play

  31. You can purchase Twinkling, Large, and regular Titanite Shards from blacksmiths, so feel free to switch between regular weapons below +11 and twinkling go nuts. I'd stick to weapons that scale with the stats you've already been leveling, but other than that try stuff out. The game practically dares you to try multiple things. My first playthrough I used 3 weapons before finding a Black Knight Straight Sword. And that very very good, so it carried me through the end game. If you get any Black Knight weapons to drop, I highly recommend using it

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