1. Fancied having a mix of decidedly un-kick / snare bits. I like my beats like the state of Social Care in England, broken!

  2. Thanks, that was ridiculously good fun to watch

  3. The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

  4. John Lithgow's less dynamic, more testy twin

  5. Like gasoline and inexplicably wanting to open a restaurant.

  6. Part 3 of the 90s Jump Up mix set, all kinds of goodies with added bounce once that Reebok's been pumped!

  7. Pt 2 of the ongoing trainer based 90s jump up shenanigans

  8. Deep, dark, dirty and immune to diazepam. Bit heavier than normal but hey, why the hell not?

  9. To be fair that's not a surprising figure for that house in Bristol

  10. Job done. Offside rules are utter Shiza Minelli.

  11. It's a particular era in drum and bass, bouncy basslines and who knew a hip hop sample could go so far!?

  12. Some heat on that tracklist selector 🔥

  13. P.s. I've got a couple more of these mixes I'll upload shortly. Didn't want to spam the page with self-publicising!

  14. For this response, I'm going to write only about what scholars of history can determine from documentary material. I'm not going to take a position one way or another on the theological questions involved, as this isn't the place for that.

  15. It's an unbelievable team but he is something else. Always always so composed allied with a ridiculous amount of skill

  16. Some old jungle, some new jungle for a Friday

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