I'm *trying* to date and I encounter this constantly. WHY is it such a big deal that I choose not to drink alcohol??

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  1. No you just waited until I replied and then edited your comment. You still shouldn’t bathe a cat.

  2. Because I misread it, I didn’t “wait” for you to reply, I edited right as I posted it, I didn’t think you’d reply immediately. I didn’t even see you replied. please leave me alone. It is recommended by my vet.

  3. I had an AA sticker on my car. I pulled it off. Turned out to be card and superglue and left a horrible mess. Still can’t fully get it off because it was tucked into the plastic at the edge of the windshield

  4. I had a sim stuck on the fridge. Went into build mode and moved the fridge to fix it

  5. We had loads. Laos, Jesters, rhino, edge, unit and on and on… worst was jesters though 😂

  6. My cocker is like 7 or 8, no difference you think?

  7. Yeah, they may not be good friends in the same way. It’s much easier to introduce a cat to a dog than the other way around!

  8. I do this for series. I try not to read series by the same author back to back as it makes it too easy to see the author’s tics.

  9. I’ve just found a lot of her books as audio books on Libby, so happy! (Her being Ilona Andrews)

  10. I hated the roommate risk. I dnfed the princess trap at the first paragraph. Both FMCS just sounded like awful people and now I’m put off Talia’s books

  11. I enjoy Talia's heroines for the most part, but she does definitely tend to have them be complicated and maybe "unlikeable" at first and then the layers get peeled back. I almost DNF'd The Princess Trap but I continued and had a good time, though I wasn't a big fan of either the FMC OR the MMC. But the plot was fun and the spice was hot, that's all I needed that day I guess!

  12. I have the brown sisters sat on my kindle waiting to be read, I might give them a shot when I’ve finished my current book.

  13. This! My lodger ridiculed me for this. To all our mutual friends! But it makes life so much easier!

  14. Cocker spaniels are notoriously hard to house train. Ours wasn’t until she was a year old


  16. 😖 sorry. If it’s any consolation, that’s how I felt too. High value treats, and regular walks 🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. In Clapham old town there’s a pottery, short walk from Clapham Common tube station. Walk past it all the time and look in longingly!

  18. Quite possibly. I’ve been noticing the KU editing but also traditionally published books have had way less editing and feel like they’ve been pumped out in a mass produced way.

  19. It’s not even connected to age range or genre at this point. It’s just a major issue. Someone on here (well on Reddit I can’t remember the book related subreddit) said it’ll get worse before it gets better too because there is a major editor shortage.

  20. Generally speaking I think book quality has been gradually getting poorer since self publishing e-books has become easier, as there is a lower cost barrier.

  21. I reminisce on living in the Middle East and how friendly and welcoming the people out there were, but how difficult they were to do business with 😅

  22. Have you considered taking up the old mastic and re sealing it?

  23. Oh yes, on multiple occasions. But time and more urgent things to do. Like replace the boiler before I need to heat the house for winter, and obtain a kitchen. (The seal also happens to be in a flat I rented out so is now out of sight)

  24. I’ve got a South African friend, when he first moved here he was in awe of the post codes. He is quite outdoorsy and used to get everywhere by GPS coordinates.

  25. My husband had that reaction too. Although part of that is how untrustworthy the postal system in SA is.

  26. I work for a bank and SA is high risk for post, so we don’t send debit cards etc there, apparently it’s forever being stolen.

  27. Same, for an investment bank. We don’t send paper statements there. To a few clients we won’t even send email ones because identity theft is so rife.

  28. Ugh. I gave up alcohol for two years and it was the worst socially. I lost huge amounts of friends. If someone you’re thinking of dating doesn’t get it, they clearly aren’t right for you.

  29. That’s depressing. I graduated before you and I was excited last year to have got my loan below the amount I’d initially borrowed 😂

  30. The baggy T-shirts she usually wore hid an hourglass figure, her eyes were neither brown nor green, her hair was long, reaching the small of her back in chestnut waves on the infrequent moments that she wore it down. She was appealing but on the rare occasion she dressed up, wore make up and flaunted her curves, she was breathtaking. (With assistance from my hubby)

  31. Good for you both to be able to put your confidence in your self in just the right words!

  32. Oh yeah. We budgeted 75k for new kitchen, 2 bathrooms and moving a toilet, and we’re hoping to stretch that to cover floors too. But the bank revalued our mortgage and now we’re down to 50k and have the added bonus of damp and a blocked sewage pipe and no hot water.

  33. Don’t let her in the garden for now if you can’t get her to respond there. You’ll just end up building bad habits. Do potty walks and walks as exercise as you did without a garden. Practice recall on walks and inside. Build calm at the door to the garden using a settle protocol (we used Karen Overall’s settle protocol). Once there is no more door whining at the door practice settle in the garden. Once you are successful start leashed recall practice in the garden. Once that works well you can transition to off leash recall and settle in the garden. If she regresses, pop the leash back on for a few sessions of leashed recall training.

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