1. Natasha's wearing that so well. Classically edgy, can't help but "Look." By Natasha ;)

  2. Harley is my favourite doll, just love everything about her. My close second is Natasha, she was my first RH/SH doll. I love Shadow High aesthetic as I vibe more with that edgy goth look.

  3. She usually looks so sweet but yours has such a sultry look. I love it. Also did you repaint her lips or are they just lightly colored. My Delilah has like fire engine red lips and I’d prefer them to be softer.

  4. Mine had the softer colour lips, well happy with that. Love sultry faced dollies so much, maybe my everyday mood transferred to my dollies☺️

  5. Thank you, I think she is one of the dolls that could rock any outfit💛

  6. For instant gratification, Amazon has them, Prime Delivery

  7. Wow, I am in UK and on amazon.co.uk they don’t have them, I only found them on Ebay but more expensive so I had to order her from China and wait. You are lucky to have them on Amazon.

  8. £11.54 36% Off | Xiaomi BJD Monst Savage Baby Rubber Dolls Toys Wild Baby Whole Body Joints Movable Height 20 Cm Kids Birthday Gift Surprise

  9. I thought she has foxy vibes so I made her one from a keyring that I had.

  10. This is so cute! I’ve been thinking about a southern style doll 💜

  11. Yes, I think the freckles somehow add to it as well 💜

  12. She is my favourite doll, love your hairstyle for her 💚

  13. I love the color and it looks great with her skintone

  14. That was my initial thought, and I just love her hazel eyes🤎

  15. It's a longshot but if I can ever help you in future as a U.S. buyer and shipper, LMK 🧡

  16. Wow, thank you so much for the offer but I think the shipping cost and VAT will be almost the same as their Uk price.

  17. My favourite is Harley as I love green and her edgy vibes. Love Uma and Mara as well and I love their fashion-better than Harley’s in my opinion. I think this line is one of their best.

  18. We’re you both on the contract? If so agency a) wouldn’t have done that b) legally couldn’t have done that. Your brother is making that up.

  19. We were both on the contract but my salary was way smaller than his, he was able to afford the house by himself. The contract was due to renew in 2 months time so when agency sent the paperwork he contacted them and told them that he wants to bring his family and the house is not big enough for me to be living with them. So he was able to sign a new contract in his name only.

  20. So whilst the contract was with both your signatures then there was nothing he or the agency could do. If it wasn’t a contract which just rolled over month by month - i.e. a fixed term at the end of the which you would both be required to leave. He then went to them independently and negotiated a new contract. You left at the end of the fixed contract. Cut them off - live your own life.

  21. Yes, it was a yearly contract but his son moved with us in the middle of the year, at first we both thought that Sil and niece will not follow because they were reluctant to relocate so all was fine. The nephew was used to be pampered for and I refused to do it because he is 19 and he should be more than capable to clean and cook for himself. He called his mom-sil- and complained that he misses her and her cooking and he wants them to be a family so they should move because is really easy to find a well payed job in factories even if you don’t speak the language. That is when Sil decided to move and my brother told me that I will have to find somewhere to go at the end of the contract.

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