1. I would buy one if I was guaranteed that skin

  2. Do you prefer BVR or knifefights? The tomcat is supreme in BVR with it's huge payload, but the f16 is a pretty awesome dogfighter. Both very good picks, it just depends on your style.

  3. I prefer dogfights, but top tier doesn’t allow for many

  4. mmm nope sorry friend, but I built it myself!

  5. French pilots served in the Soviet Air Force after the fall of France. After the war the pilots returned to France and because of good relations between the Soviet Union and France the pilots kept their Yak-3s

  6. thatts a really cool story! it’s really fascinating to me that the French were the only Allie’s to fight on the eastern front (with the Russians of course) are the yaks in a museum or something?

  7. actually the brits also sent other a squadron of hurricanes and pilots.

  8. ah, I see, I also struggle hitting weak points on ya Js (ie pzs, panthers t34s etc) abt help with that?

  9. ah, thank you! will use this advice when I get on today :) the 190mm is the shot mk 8 correct?

  10. personally bis, when played right (plus r60mks) you’ll go crazy in it

  11. teacher told many odd stories about his life (he was in his 20s btw, fresh out of college) such as how he shit his pants in a gas station parking lot, and waddled into the stations bathroom, shit every and had to clean it. he also talked all the time about his ex girlfriends, calling them hoes, saying they were for the streets, etc. 2 weeks into the year he was fired, it was also rumored he had an affair with a student but nothing came up of it.

  12. best trailmakers update ever that being said, questions, will it come out on console on launch? when is it coming out? will there be weapons like missles, miniguns, etc? are there new gun physics?

  13. finally, they’re moving the su11s br up

  14. You can unlock the entirety of the next battle pass with 2000GE which would come with 10 days premium time along with all the other rewards you're looking for

  15. all the rewards immediately or no? sorry for being slow lol

  16. No worries. If you have 2500 GE you can unlock the next battlepass upto lvl 15 and immediately claim the associated rewards. For 2000 GE you'll unlock the non-free levels but you'll need to grind through from lvl 1

  17. ah, I see, thank you, I’ll see whether I want to actually buy the next one or not, thanks!

  18. huh, f104s at 9.3? they can face Korean War jets…

  19. thank you! will the bis stock grind be horrible? I’ve never played mig21s before and yes my end goal is the viggen

  20. It looks very similar to the Viggen! Did you do that on purpose?

  21. haha no I didn’t, I just wanted a delta wing for the raiden so it can maneuver well:)

  22. thank you! love the appreciation :)

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