1. I wasn’t bothered by Kim wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress I feel like literally half of the people didn’t care about that dress and what happened to it until Kim wore it and everyone had something to say 🤣 I do wonder though if someone that’s loved by the public like Blake lively for example would wear the dress what the reaction would be compared to Kim

  2. Just seeing a glimpse of it on the new show and the whole pda thing when they were asking her to stop…yikes and if that’s edited and cut imagine what goes on in real life

  3. I remember seeing an interview with Kylie before all the surgeries and she was talking about how badly she wanted kids. She is young, but she very much wanted them. Stormi wasn't an accident.

  4. Didn’t Kylie get pregnant at Coachella when she met Travis there and they hooked up or something like that?? 🤔

  5. Unpopular opinion but no 😹😹 especially that whole statement thing Tristan posted his ass was on fire. I don’t think she knew it would make sense because when she was pregnant with true I doubt she knew Trashcan was going around cheating. Isn’t that what put her in labor?? Also if she knew about Marlee or whatever and decided anyway to go ahead with the surrogacy…..girl play the clown music

  6. Girl POOR khloe??😭 is this tracy??? Wifey steph? Ariel?!

  7. GIRLLLL I didn’t even have to look at your username to know who you were 🤣🤣🤣🤣 always pulling thru 🫡🫡

  8. 😭 she clearly has some internal issues this is insane like next level shit insaneeee who has a new baby with a cheater like trashcan

  9. I feel like using a random sperm donor when you are that high profile (and hated) would be very risky. Imagine some 19 year old college kid donates his sperm cause he’s broke, then 10 year later one of the kardashian kids looks just like him and that child is being exploited as they do with their children.

  10. The process of picking a sperm donation for someone like high profile like khloe would be ver exclusive I don’t think sis would just pick anyone 🤣

  11. grateful for what? The manwhore baby daddy who ignores all his other kids?? 😭😭😭

  12. That’s one goofy ass caption

  13. Girl it’s not too late to delete this. So out of pocket and uncalled for

  14. Lol this is def a pr thing 2 date nights in a row???? Travis WOULD never

  15. Girl that’s her Ribcage because she is leaning up towards Pete

  16. Side note: does anyone know why his wife has kept such a low profile after her Sports illustrated cover she just kinda disappeared and now she only has 3 igs posts?

  17. I’m sorry but WHO’S listening to Chris brown???

  18. 😩 oh lord let north be. North probably picked this outfit herself knowing how expressive and creative she is. When I was her age I would’ve thought nose rings r the coolest thing ever. Let the kid be she is just having fun

  19. 😭 this has the same energy as Khloe telling Andy cohen or whatever that she never admitted to her nose job because she never got “asked” about it in interviews

  20. She doesn’t tend to stay In paris for too long I think she comes and leaves the same day something like that because of the robbery that happened. I would too considering how traumatized she must be imo

  21. I think since the robbery she never stays long now. I’m sure last fashion week in Paris she flew in and out on the same day? When she wore that ridiculous hazard tape fit

  22. Yeah people tend to overlook that I wouldn’t even be able to go to Paris in the first place

  23. 😭 mannnn just let madonna be even though it’s not my cup of tea it’s not our place to shame her especially coming from someone like perez Hilton out of all people

  24. Larsa looks pretty in the first pic 🫢

  25. I just wanna know what deodorant Kim uses that prevents her armpits to stink in this summer heat wearing that.

  26. I’m like 99 percent sure a lot of people in Hollywood get botox in their armpit so they can stop sweating excessively.


  28. Incoming quote about letting people go, good energy, karma blah blah on khloe’s story in 3,2,1

  29. THE RECENT POSTS AND STORIES 😩 sometimes people post the most random stories like here’s Scott’s ex cousin girlfriend dog ig story 🫢 like WHAT

  30. I’m gonna say Kendall got a subtle bbl 🤭🤭

  31. I feel like it’s very obvious she had body dysmorphia due to her up bringing, getting bullied, everyone comparing her to her sisters and even possibly people accusing her of not being rob sr’s biological kid because she isn’t “pretty” enough or dosent have the “body” like her sisters.

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