1. The statement should be in a separate “Transmittal Letter” submitted at the same time in the file wrapper. And yes, you can go final if you’re relying on that reference regardless of whether they amended, so long as there’s no statement and a fee paid. If there’s a statement/no fee, you’re SOL. MPEP 706.07(a), first paragraph.

  2. Wasnt aware of the statement complication. Added to the long list of things Ive learned from you all in this reddit.

  3. Would you be happy working with a team on a project? Examining is a lonely job, esp now with telework. There's nothing wrong with saying "this just isnt for me" and finding something else you enjoy doing that makes the world a better place.

  4. I *think* 11.5 is going to be loud unless you put a can on it. I use shims for all my muzzle devices.

  5. I prefer crush washers since my OCD doesnt like being off a few degrees, but I heard not to use em with a can so shims it is.

  6. Because it doesn't do anything the other striker options don't already do, but it does it with less aftermarket support and $50 magazines.

  7. I don’t know; I think giving less counts for a final actually makes sense. If the examiner did a good job in the FAOM, the amount of subsequent searching required (which takes up a huge portion of the initial examination) shouldn’t be much. And it incentivizes finding a path to allowance, assuming there is one. So long as the Applicant is willing to amend to get the case allowed, there is incentive for the examiner to call with an examiner’s amendment and get more credit for less work.

  8. The spec is 70 pages long with 40 drawings, multiple concepts and embodiments. A non final is issued. The applicant reviews the art and completely changes what they want to patent based on the art. You cant restrict by orig presentation as the original claims were generic. Now you have to do an entirely new search, navigate amended claim language, write up a final knowing full well that one mistakes means reopening and you get 2 hours to do this. Every art area is different and this is how many of my amended cases go. Then 3 months later I get an interview request. Then more amendments they want me to enter under AFCP.

  9. You can restrict those, though, or more specifically do an election of species. That’s the entire point of election of species. If you’re seeing this often, with 40 different embodiments that are non-trivially related and one generic claim, then you should be doing an election of species and hold Applicant to examination of a single embodiment.

  10. Yes, good point. Im just trying to illustrate situations where the applicant makes significant amendments to the claims that cannot be restricted out. I cant remember the last time I did a final that took me under 2 hours.

  11. This is the only answer😂 I love my omegas

  12. Yes! People recommending the RC2 dont realize that the omega 300 is 10db quieter, can serve double duty on larger calibers, is only .5" longer and weighs 2 ounces less than the rc2. But by all means, spend an extra $1400 for a second can. The omega ASR mount is really nice as well. I have thousands of rounds through mine in various calibers and 0 issues.

  13. Man, we got downvoted to oblivion here “bUt ItS nOt SoCoM”😂

  14. LaRue has them in stock but it’s only for a T2 / mount combo. Sportsman’s Warehouse has them in stock or so it would appear. They aren’t sold out everywhere.

  15. Good luck. Sounds like won't be seeing T2s until end of winter 2023 or early spring

  16. Heard theyre filling some European contracts and screwing us over until Spring at least.

  17. I dont think you need to check alignment each time. Baffle strikes are caused by 2 things. 1) Original assembly and alignment of the rifle. 2) Improper mounting or can coming loose. Just be mindful when mounting it.

  18. I remember buying my first safe. Makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing they’re locked up as opposed to my closet 😂.

  19. Yes I know of some examiners. It is not too difficult so long as they are hiring examiners and you dont burn bridges before you leave.

  20. I only know cause back when the Russian invasion of Ukraine first started I saw videos of civilians mixing bottles of gas and styrofoam and was confused.

  21. I was compensated for the hours I was not able to work. It is on a case by case basis.

  22. You can make $190k, work from home, live anywhere in the U.S., get 26 vacation days a year and 13 sick days, all fed holidays off, set own schedule, basically own boss and when you retire FERS annuity is 1.1% * years worked. Theres the 5% TSP match as well. Patent agent is the other path and agents make $150k if theyre experienced.

  23. You cant tell how well an invention will work, how predictably it will function, how reliable it will be, or how marketable it is from a patent application. I've seen some very interesting ideas that never came to market, most likely because they did not work well consistently or were not marketable/monetizable.

  24. People love getting there pretend operator on. With all of their vehicle born operations an rooms to clear.

  25. In the case of societal collpase there will always be a role for an sbr, whether fleeing or retaking cities. If more good guys own them, for whatever personal reason, that is a good thing.

  26. 16” ARs are arguably better for a societal collapse. They do everything a short ar does but better. Literally their only downfall is to suppress them it’s best to have a shorter barrel.

  27. I just like to see comments calling me a dumbass mostly. Makes me hard.

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