‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview

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  1. I find most women find this very much a turn off. I save my pee play for the butthole.

  2. Yes this. Just close it up again after, no one will know. You could program in to go back to 65 after your shift ends.

  3. Imo we've learned absolutely nothing from WW2. The mass brainwashing that happened in the 1930's in Germany, the blatant propaganda? That shit is happening right now in real-time all the time. The 2016 elections. January 6th. Covid-19. Climate Change. I can go on and on.

  4. One of my most remembered electives from college was a history of the Holocaust course and one of the things to take away is lots of what the Nazis did they modeled after the US. I mean the Jewish ghettos were called that after the US black ghettos. Another thing that is telling is a poll (that I wish I could source, but can't find) during wartime saying the Japanese were America's #1 threat. Germans were #3. #2 were Jews.

  5. If I wasn’t scared of a copyright trademark lawsuit, I would have made Trump “elite shield” face masks, part of the “American Paladin line of protective clothing” for the Magats who were forced to wear masks but wanted to “own the libs” while doing it.

  6. Sell trunp items. It's not that literacy is their strong point.

  7. This and other posts aren't making me feel comfortable about tall buildings.

  8. They're quite safe and really unless you wanna drop a very significant portion of population they're needed.

  9. Nazi sympathizers should rot in the fields. We may be cannibals sitting on human lazyboys but we have fucking standards.

  10. I've just moved from calibration to system design and you will rarely be doing the mechanical math, but you need to understand it all.

  11. ...but if you do it with electric heating elements? Or with propane?

  12. If you want to scrub it clean every use you could. Think of a glass baking dish, how much scrubbing does it need between each use before it turns gross and charred? Now imagine it with more heat and less liquid.

  13. 1.6k×12×6 is 115k. You would hand over that kind of money to your aunt with no contingency? You are blindly generous and I really hope no one close to you decides to take advantage.

  14. If I was a middle of the road, hard working and reasonable person who identified as being republican (spoiler alert im not - not even American), this would be my no. 1 reason to either vote Dem. or not vote at all should Trumpy be the Republican presidential candidate.

  15. See the problem is in his cult these are freedom loving patriots that were fighting to defend our country from the pedophile fascist satanic communist democrats and should be pardoned.

  16. I had a weak worker go murderous rage against a hussar melee pawn with a persona warhammer. The message for the break and the workers death scrawled down at the same time.

  17. Instructions unclear, removed my kid’s arms

  18. It doesn't take a lot of strength to break a bone in the hand if the technique is really awful. You can see that she is hitting mainly with her last 2 knuckles or middle 2 rather than the first 2. That's a great way to break those bones.

  19. My brother had a tantrum and punched the ground and his pinky knuckle disappeared in his hand.

  20. Hit pinky knuckle first, broke the bone in the hand while pushing the knuckle in

  21. So, like, it seems like the cameraman didn’t just pour soda into her butthole, he held the bottle neck into her butthole, making the bottle into a rocket. The problem with that is, that also forces a lot more of the soda/gases to attempt escape UP through her intestines, where they’re way more likely to just rupture some intestinal walls than to actually get anywhere.

  22. Frankly I feel this is a fairly succinct telling of this display of anal mentos and coke eruption.

  23. you also shouldn't be jailed for feeding homeless people.

  24. Frankly no one should be jailed unless they are a real threat to others.

  25. Is everyone still sleeping off Thanksgiving or what?

  26. I had a cat die from renal failure, it comes on quick in cats. We had ours at the vet within a day or two of noticing she was sick and she was out to sleep the same day she was so far gone.

  27. That is so sad I’m sorry that happened to your poor kitty.

  28. Thanks, she was about 13 so she had plenty of life lived. Her cantankerous sister is still around.

  29. Well the dude is Jewish and wrote the song as a very hollow appeal to Christians, so it really is the most perfect Christian rock ever made.

  30. Well all you really gotta do is take a love song and change all the "baby's" and "darlings" to Jesus and you're good anyway.

  31. Have you ever seen a child destroy things they love just to spite the general world?

  32. "Why is my brain damaged drunk guy a poor negotiator?"

  33. "we only sent him to have someone 5alk on their level"

  34. Hell, find a second job and just never tell Twitter you quit. Doubling your pay and when one of them eventually stops, you just made tons of extra money for doing the same amount of work. That way you also don't have any gaps in pay while also having a nice hefty savings.

  35. And say you tendered resignation to your manager.

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