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  1. Stockpile fertilizer? That’s your solution?

  2. Went there for my honeymoon and make regular visits all the time. One of my favorites and definitely worth it.

  3. In my experience, yes and no. I had an aortic aneurysm that was discovered and the VA was all over it. Sent me to Cleveland Clinic for surgery. It saved my life. The same VA screwed up my synthroid and sent me home from the er in a thyroid storm. This almost killed me. This is a VA in WV.

  4. I remember a headline from years ago that a woman from there had won a contest. The headline was " Big Ugly woman wins contest".

  5. He was elected as a democrat and switched when trump got into office. WV used to be centrist democrat until a conman sold them snake oil. Now they’ll vote against anything that would actually help them.

  6. As a West Virginian, this is what pisses me off more than anything. I have argued with people that vote against their self interests until I'm blue in the face.

  7. I was a firefighter for years. Burning to death, for me, would be the worst.

  8. Lennie. Of Mice and Men. My young brain couldn't quite grasp the concept of a mercy killing when I read it years ago. As I've gotten older, It still bothers me.

  9. Awesome place. Spent lots of time in the area.

  10. Oh yeah. I've caught quite a few trout here. There's a small church about a mile from where I took this and it's awesome for trout.

  11. It's very painful and scary. I was hospitalized for alcohol withdraw. I was given benzo to keep me calm. Everywhere I looked I saw bugs crawling and the hair on my arms was waving back and forth like wheat in the wind. Absolutely horrible to experience and I would not wish it on anyone.

  12. Love this place. A couple of times a year my wife and I travel around the state. This is one of our favorite places.

  13. Being a West Virginian, I can answer this. We're fucking idiots.

  14. I'm a West Virginian. He's not doing shit for the people of this state. He's looking out for his own interests.

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