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  1. And when they say "fix schools"and "decrease violence,", what they actually mean by that.

  2. Red + Green = Yellow. So proceed with caution. However I am taking an assumption going by the additive color properties because we are dealing with lights and not traffic signs…so I could be wrong

  3. I took an escooter up Milwaukee to superdawg and walked the North branch trail home. That was pretty fun and a little different.

  4. Monopolies in general are bad…and yet the mergers keep getting larger. Yay laissez-faire capitalism

  5. A slightly off topic, but that performance got me interested more in country (and cosmic country) music. Here’s two tracks I found to remind me of TP & Lynch in general.

  6. Idk, a dispensary & an on-premise consumption cafe would be pretty sweet. The Rainforest Cafe Cannabis Lounge sounds like a win

  7. It’s legal. The only ones that are open are way out in the boonies and have heard they are rather lame. Seems like a missed opportunity for tourism and added tax rev

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