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  1. Hatom/Frontliner (at least the stuff after like 2015, the classic stuff deserves the praise)

  2. Why the hell are you wearing a tie with a polo shirt?

  3. Haha no not really. You literally said you couldn’t care less about how an artist personally is. I can make the analogy as extreme as I want. I know Hitler comparisons are extreme and therefore generally don’t really work, though Hitler playing zaagkicks looked funny to me so I used it anyways.

  4. Homestly I would go to a hitler zaagkick set just for the pure novelty of it. That’s a set you don’t want to miss.

  5. Maybe on future tracks, I struggle a lot with mixing leads, my dream was always to get a super clean super saw lead, and I'm kinda proud of this one haha, as stupid as that sounds

  6. There’s plenty of services that will do your final mix for you

  7. Yeah, I'm aware of that. I just want to be able to do it myself, I would feel weird calling something "mine" when I did not fully produced it

  8. Not really. 99% of professional Hardstyle producers have their work mixed via stem mastering at the very least.

  9. Well that’s one way to get people to disagree with your cause.

  10. Should have driven off with them hanging on

  11. I’m getting bored of hiking. I want something more … exciting. Hiking is very peaceful but I’m getting tired of living my entire life in solitude

  12. It's not an ongoing debate, no matter how hard the right-wing extremist dipshits want to make it one.

  13. That is very interesting information and makes me embarrassed that I don't think we do the same. But now I feel compelled to check.

  14. Yeah please respect the alter where thousands of people were sacrificed

  15. Well apparently it would save hundreds of billions of dollars.

  16. Looks like they’re playing it wrong for some reason.

  17. I mean, on the one hand, she is everything they claim to love. The american dream right? On the other hand she is everything they hate. Brown, female, muslim, progressive. She ticks the box of every demographic they would erase or subjugate if they could. So having to treat her as an equal or worse, with respect, when she is smarter than they are, adds insult to injury.

  18. I have never heard her string an intelligent sentence together.

  19. How will this help Americans? Republicans don't care about regular Americans.

  20. How did several years of Trump hearings help America?

  21. Its Google's platform. Don't like it, go to.. uhhh... fuck. Vimeo?

  22. Absolutely true. Each tank needs dozens of support vehicles and personnel to be able to operate. They simply don’t have the infrastructure.

  23. Damn we use 558 kWH last month in a 1500 sqft house.

  24. Wow that’s a very interesting interpretation of opposing raising the debt limit.

  25. That is not what I imagine 60 years of aging would look like.

  26. It’s dumb that they are illegal when carrying a firearm isn’t. It’s also dumb to choose to carry something like that instead of a firearm if you think your life might be put in danger.

  27. Clearly cut off by people trying to make it seem like they’re melting.

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