1. I'm "going commando" for almost 4 years now. Not once I had to call a podiatrist.

  2. That's probably why the one in the article is taking this position - we could put them out of work if we keep not wearing shoes!

  3. Such an odd take, considering the podiatrist's Twitter page literally shows bare feet at the top of it!

  4. I have noticed it too. Mostly I take notice when I see a pickup truck with wheels that extend beyond the fender, which is a style texans seems to love for whatever reason but is illegal here. But lately I've seen more cars and suvs too.

  5. I see the “wheels beyond the fenders” thing very frequently, I’d say at least once a day (and not always the same vehicle), and sometimes with Maine plates. I didn’t think it was legal either, but how are they getting away with it?

  6. At least I can sleep at night knowing we have six - SIX championships in my lifetime.

  7. Not lost at all, PFAS is a VERY hot button issue in Maine right now. If you just Google PFAS Maine - or even search this sub for PFAS - you'll find more than enough content to make this post worthy of being here.

  8. Live in southern Somerset County, less than 20 minutes from Waterville.

  9. I lived in Richmond for many years, and commuted to Waterville. I was able to carpool 3-5 days a week, and had a 10 month contract, which made it OK. We moved closer to Portland, and I worked there unitl COVID, and I personally would have been happier in Richmond but we have been able to grow our nest egg via real estate. Southern Maine population has increased and roads are busier than ever, making commuting far less pleasant. I myself would look for a commute that avoids the 295 or Maine Turnpike stretch.

  10. Richmond is low key one of the most amazing towns in Maine. Nearly everybody is absolutely "shirt off your back" type, yet they'll leave you alone and stay out of your business. And Annabella's is an amazing breakfast no matter what you get.

  11. I live across the river in from Gardiner in Randolph and have my whole life(not that that’s a really long time or anything). But I have always said to people why did the railroad even get taken out? I guess because once Gardiner stopped exporting stuff and whatnot but like still, it could’ve been useful to have an Amtrak or something that went to Gardiner, instead of another weed shop. After all there are about 6 weed shops in a 10 mile radius

  12. My guess - and it’s only a guess - is that there probably wasn’t enough ridership to make it worth operating. And I say that very regretfully because I’m a HUGE rail advocate and also not far from Gardiner, so I genuinely wish it was still running through there.

  13. I'm sorry for your anticipated loss, losing family of any kind is not easy.

  14. Is there somewhere - on the T's website or otherwise - that shows where all of the current slow zones are and is updated when changes like this are made? I didn't see one on the T's site but it's quite possible I missed it somewhere.

  15. I'm not sure who, but I could absolutely see at least one coach, if they were suited up, stick themselves in on a play, even if that play was something like taking a knee at the end of the game.

  16. They used to dress nicely in basketball, but that hasn't been a thing since before Covid.

  17. Bit the bullet and bet on Bubba to win. I also bet on Ty Gibbs to get a top 3 and Corey LaJoie to get a top 10

  18. How much did you bet and how much do you win on any of those?

  19. Weather channel really needs to be a sponsor and a meteorologist driving around the track during weather delays giving the play by play.

  20. What a cry baby - all of you were in the same exact situation, Marcus, and if anything, you probably had a huge advantage restarting 1st.

  21. Commercials, in race chevy commercial, danica, more commercials. Fucking ridiculous

  22. Yet somehow light years better than NASCAR's coverage.

  23. Well of all the national anthems I've ever heard, that was definitely one of them.

  24. They're made to wear out so that the metal doesn't. Integrating them into the piston would cause all sorts of issues.

  25. Many different piston valve brass instruments have integrated metal guides, and they're honestly no more problematic than these nylon ones (and in my experience of 30+ years of repairing instruments, less problematic more times than not).

  26. Next thing you'll say is that the team who scores more points has a higher chance of winning the game. I dunno, sounds plausible I guess, but I'll believe it when I see it.

  27. It just seems childish to me, like it takes literally zero skill to do a burnout in a NASCAR vehicle.

  28. If anyone hasn't seen them, you should go back and watch some episodes of the UK version of the show. In my opinion even funnier than the US version.

  29. The only downside is that if a significant amount of time passes between the picture and when the gift actually happens (say, a few months or more), that thing might not be "in" any more and it might end up being the worst gift idea ever. Speaking from experience on this one.

  30. Not a Sam '76 fan, don't like it nearly as much as their other beers. I can't put my finger on why, but I've never liked it.

  31. The aptly named “Football team not appearing in this film”

  32. I'm fine with DW for one race. Week after week after week I got tired of him.

  33. Ultra hot take but I despise the radio broadcasts. My god it’s so annoying. “Hey this turn is normal guys back to you”. I even had someone watch the brickyard with me a few years ago that genuinely thought it was annoying too.

  34. To each their own, and I'll even say that I think Mike Bagley does an amazing job on those, but the others not always as much.

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