1. There's an acre-wide fire in south Pflugerville right now next to a large apartment complex. Hopefully, it can get put under control. People are fucking stupid as shit.

  2. well...get on figuring out time travel and a cure for cancer then

  3. Dustin is an S+ tier shitposter. Y'all read anything into this, you're dumb af


  5. historically, that hasn't worked out too well...

  6. I bought the Optoma 1080HDR projector since I had ebay bucks from a previous deal, discover 5% off with PayPal, and the coupon. Made it about $600 after tax for me and is an upgrade from the previous short throw I had. It being brand new is nice as well.

  7. Great projector. I have this and love it. The detail quality is so excellent I forget that it's 1080p as opposed to 4K, and the fact it can do 120Hz is a chef's kiss.

  8. It’s a Mayfield DQ. They must micro dose their employees at the start of each shift bc I have never in my life had such happy fast food employees go out of their way to make sure I have a nice experience eating my steak finger basket.

  9. From what I understand, they pay pretty well too. I remember living near that one over ten years ago and then they were starting at $12-16/hour. That was crazy money for fast food work back then.

  10. I’m about to get down voted to hell, but there’s always the military. It’s a steady pay check, health care included a place to live. If you need to you can send money back to your mom to help her out.

  11. Air Force is the way if choosing this route IMO.

  12. No one is questioning the therapeutic nature of having pets, plants, kids, relationships, religion, etc. It doesn't mean that I drag my potted plants with me to the stores because those are therapy plants.

  13. I should be allowed to bring Mitch, my potted plant, everywhere with me

  14. I bought this for $1,850 back in November. I highly regret my impatience now.

  15. ....weird Vince floating outta the ring jump....

  16. Sad that so many people have huskies here. It's a beautiful and likely sweet dog, but this climate, especially during summer, is not compatible with them unless you're very understanding of when to let them out and when not to. Austin really has gone from a town of awesome mut-ass dogs to pure bread and designer dogs everywhere.

  17. You're mistaken about huskies in this climate. Malamutes don't do well, but huskies are fine. Obviously considerations need to be made but they are more adaptable than your comment leads on.

  18. Oh, I know they can do just fine in Texas during the summer, but only if their owner knows what they're doing and takes precautions, and regretfully most don't

  19. Good to see out Google overloads are watching and keeping all safe

  20. I like Theory, but having him weasel his way into something like this and winning is not something that just comes outta nowhere, it's something to build over a month or two. Shit booking.

  21. Both the match and finish for the women's MITB match were so much better than that.

  22. I'm about ten years too old and 30 lbs too heavy for this shit, but for the life of me can't understand why young people just hanging out and having fun, causing no issue to anyone, is so triggering for so many folks here.

  23. Yea no shit but overall as a percentage of income, our tax burden is one of the lowest in the country. Google it my dude.

  24. I've googled it extensively before my dude. If we had a state income tax and property taxes more in line with much of the rest of the country, most middle-class people would end up with more money in their pocket at the end of the day. There are plenty of states where the burden is higher, but at least those states actually tend to have a superior level of services and education.

  25. We are taxed at a lower rate than most states, yes. No one is pretending there aren’t taxes in Texas lol.

  26. LOL. wat? Many areas of Texas have some of the highest property and sales tax rates in the US.

  27. Resound and Spun are the two main mid-level national bookers in Austin nowadays. Depending on your musical tastes, they might put on the type of shows you're interested in.

  28. IMO, every two years, spend a half-day and get quotes from every major insurer. You might be shocked at how much you're overpaying.

  29. Fuck me time flies. I remember a time when Poppy was just a YouTuber who LeafyIsHere did a video of.

  30. She's touring with The Smashing Pumpkins + Jane's Addiction this fall. It has to be her biggest tour ever since COVID made the Deftones tour get postponed in 2020 and in 2021 she dropped off of it (rumored to be fears of COVID).

  31. So you’re saying she’s more likely to pop up in NWA than ARW

  32. Find out what ever providers you have in your area, then call Spectrum and let them know that you've spoken with (insert other company) and that they can do an install the Saturday, and if you don't have someone out by that date you'll go ahead and cancel ASAP.

  33. I REALLY hope they do this next time in Japan, but reversing the feel to make it more of an NJPW show than AEW, which it did this around.

  34. Figure Eddie threw out his back. Horrible pain, but if so, it's nothing serious, just a pulled muscle

  35. so people are tuning their cars to back fire. unburnt gas is entering the muffler and then is compressed and explodes and the resulting sound is just like gun shots. here is a video of cops that were even mistaken thinking they were gun shots. the fact that you also heard tires screeching makes me think this is mostly the case of what you heard. here is an example

  36. We're pretty fun and loud in Austin/San Antonio. Ahh, who am I kidding, with 4-5 PPVs a year we're never getting one. 😭

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