1. 40th anniversary only being celebrated in one city is lame

  2. Alta is maybe the best world class (for the skiing) resort for intermediates. The blues (and blacks) are “easier” than those to which you’ve become accustomed because the snow quality is better.

  3. We did 3 days at alta. As a family of mostly intermediates it gets pretty boring. By my count there was 1 run off each lift that was groomed. We had alot better time at Park City. So grateful we got an epic pass too.

  4. What is the deal with having 5 thousand dollars of brand new ski gear on with an ikon and epic pass in your pocket and also having the worst ski poles. The people I'm stuck behind at palisades trying to get through the powder is so insulting.

  5. Bethel this summer. A giant gust of wind sucked into the pav during the silent part, fully epic

  6. It is crazy they still do this stuff after it leaked Shapiro bought the rainbow at gd50

  7. This reminds me of my son ranking his stuffed animals. Sweet dude. Literally does not matter.

  8. It's referencing the GREATEST NYE/MSYEM show of all time. 12/31/1995

  9. I loved how this series was 3.0, 3.0, 3.0...... now 1.0 dorks have to pretend the 1.0 soundboard is superior because they added old jams.

  10. They measure cubic acres in utah. It's like 85% of the year how alta has 1500 of their 2500 acres closed too.

  11. literally the guy behind you is buddies with page. Can't tell you how many times Page talks about people thinking he's waving at them

  12. Thaaaaank gawwwwd! More weirdness in the lyrics plz!!

  13. Phish fans: " we want weird lyrics now!!" Phish: "moss piglets, expanding and threatening the galaxy " Phish fans : "I actually just want my mommy"

  14. 21( + mexico + msg 22 1.0) was seemingly better than summer 22. Fall 21 was some high peaks for the phish. Alot like 90s times were better to some people than other 90s times. Seemed like Fishman really needed help with his shoulder this summer and was working through alot of pain. MSG 22 seemed to be a return to the median hetty 4.0 jam line.

  15. This is a very good post. As a 1.0/2.0er, I feel the same way about people who say that current (and past few years) Phish is just as good (or better!) than as in the past. There is a very understandable urge for people who are experiencing things now, and weren’t able to experience it “then”, to want this to be the case. And if they really think that’s the case, that’s all good. But I can’t believe that someone could listen to a show now and think that the performance is the same. That doesn’t mean you can’t still like it. Of course you can. I just feel like people are saying it’s so because they want it to be so.

  16. Funny that some people try so hard to pretend something use to be better. It's literally a live concert with zero check boxes and there isn't a single goal post the band has to hit other than making people have opinions. It is funny that people's opinion of 90s phish has any steer on someone else's opinion of 20s phish. There is literally zero weight to most opinions except people wondering if you can still actually have any fun.

  17. Add to that the issue with like 30% of starter homes in the US being bought up by landlords who offer cash, don't require inspections, and plenty of times don't even live in the US.

  18. Where the cash buyers ? They seemed to have vanished right about when interest rates went up. Weird

  19. In the Boston metro area they are rampant.

  20. Traffic is one thing, the hour long wait in liftline for every run is a whole other beast. I'm not sure how the internet can still convince people skiing in utah is fun.

  21. I 100% agree. Phans shouldnt be forced to buy a plane ticket to catch a summer tour show. Ever imo. This isnt how it always works out but the majority of the country should have a chance to even just drive 5-6 hours instead of buying a round trip flight.

  22. Book another flight, do a charge back on your card and peace the heck out of there for sleep

  23. It's crazy. I was driving north on I25 at 5:30 am yesterday (Thursday). The highway was all packed snow and ice, and you couldn't see the lane lines. But there were still a good number of people going over 60. I couldn't believe it.

  24. Isn't there a minimum speed on interstates ? Maybe you should take the side roads and not slow us big dogs down

  25. I think we need more posts about driving in the snow to ensure everyone gets ample opportunity to read them

  26. Don't want to spoil it, but trey is passing her the torch NYE set. She sits in for 45 minutes of the show

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