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  1. There is a phonebooth in Japan similarly for use to call deceased loved ones.

  2. Change your system time to a date in the future. This will allow solo anything. This is what I do to get bounties and quests done easy.

  3. Yeah you can also start destiny on one account and logout out and then log into your main account and it'll never match you with anyone. Found this on accident swapping between my son's account and mine.

  4. I have a horrible feeling that if I never bought the Lego McLaren they would have had a really good season :(

  5. When he hangs up the phone after talking to the "terrorist" and asks "find out who that was" I crack up every time.

  6. I can't really watch The Last Samurai and think "that is an average actor".

  7. Man I rewatch that so much. Such an enjoyable movie/performance.

  8. "satanists"?!?!?! The other things on your list, sure whatever.... But satanism seems unrelated and heavily implies judeochristian centric thinking.

  9. You should read their post history....

  10. Hey don't discount how huge accomplishments with N Korea!!!

  11. Seems to be one of those extreme edge cases that you don't run into on regular day to day driving, so the vehicle simply doesn't understand what is looking at. Keep training that algorithm by stopping there everyday like 500 more times and maybe it'll learn.

  12. Good luck. Either way you'll have a birthday story to tell later. Some go great some have their challenges.

  13. Maybe he meant they were catching a falling knife? As they screwed up resigning Alonso and failed to provide a seat for Piastri...?

  14. Did I see you holding a purse outside the changing room?

  15. Thank you for the insight!! I really appreciate it! So I was going to open a brokerage through Webull or coinbase and link it to my checking account. So technically not opening it through my credit union but I know what you mean. I was just worried if I transfer $100 for example to my checking acct and then my brokerage, would my dad be able to see that $100 transfer and where it went

  16. If it originated from the savings he is a co-owner on them yes he will be able too see the transfer out and highly likely the account it went into.

  17. Oh wow… he "let slip" a "two time WC" who nobody is tripping over themselves to sign… how will he ever replace the "hot young talent" with the half dozen candidates they already have lined up? Maybe they can get Alonso's titles to drive for them, since they're damn near old enough to drive in F1…

  18. You may be the only one I've seen who doesn't think Alpine cocked this up.

  19. I actually DO know they screwed up… I just don't believe that it's anything they can't get over as the OP seems to think… People just seem to be upset that I pointed out they have no reason to be sweating over the whole incident… like they want to convince themselves that Alpine is irreparably screwed and hopeless, reality be damned.

  20. Ok point taken. I think maybe some believe Rossi may not be the person to achieve their long term goals. I'd have more confidence Otmar could manage the team through this if he hadn't bungled this one situation so badly. But as you say, tomorrow is another day and they have Permane so it's recoverable.

  21. Yeah I was surprised too. The tech wrote a long response too, they weren't just like "don't charge so high". I took a screenshot of the response and tried to add it to this post. I've never done that so may not work.

  22. Wow that’s wild- charge to 90 and deplete to 20. I was always told a charging Tesla is a happy Tesla. Happy cake day by the way.

  23. Depending on your age / situation - North Beach. Mid 20s ? Walk to work, good bars and food. Knew a few people who had parking included with their place in that part of town too.

  24. I'll +1 North each. Close to the piers too for long dog walks along embarcadero.

  25. Anyone else surprised by the under representation of John Hughes?

  26. Not really, those didn't age particularly well, IMO.

  27. Interesting, like the breakfast club, ferris buelers day off etc...?

  28. If only it would work on my super fast home wifi....🥺

  29. Curious, do you limit it to 20 minutes on purpose?

  30. Could you post the info here? My daughter is a burgeoning painter and might really enjoy this.

  31. There are tons of examples such as not advancing credit cards or debit cards for gambling or purchasing of speculative things like crypto. These lending companies can decide what they do and do not want to fund. This is pure business, nothing to do with rights. Just business.

  32. 'Just business' that leads to more tracking and mass surveillance infringing on privacy rights. It does nothing to stop the sale of all the illegal guns, either. People are so willing to give up privacy for a false sense of security.

  33. It's more likely related to media exposure. Banks don't want to be on the news with a headline like "X purchased the gun using their Y credit card!!". That would be something a business might want to avoid.

  34. What if hell does exist, would yall be willing to go there justt because you convince yourself there's no such thing as an afterlife? Guess you won't really know til it's your time to go.

  35. Wait are you talking to Christians or atheist?

  36. Um I would like a turn on that contraption of pure fun...

  37. California announced that they would phase out new gasoline powered cars and try to move towards electric vehicles. 6 days later California issued a warning about their power grid being under immense stress, and told people they shouldn’t charge their electric vehicles.

  38. This is of course only kind of true as CA asked not to charge during peak times which....no EV owners would do anyway unless it was an emergency....but nice click bait though!!!

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