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  • By - DDipu

  1. honestly i simply didn’t think about it, would you say it’s the best option?

  2. It takes 40 to 50 mins just to get to Rome's airport versus an hour and a half and your in the middle of Firenze, a little over 2 hours to Venice, and 2.5 to Milan where you can fly out of, Trastevere favorite area of Rome, very enjoyable stuff to do by the river in the evening with cool vibrant places to go out to, enjoy staying in San Frediano area in Firenze but been there a lot so part of that is just enjoying less crowds while being an awesome area for nightlife activities, piazzale Michelangelo is a must for sunset and some wine, enjoy your trip

  3. thank you for your advice! i’ll check out those recommendations ✨

  4. Don't fly, take trains. I would also skip Milan and instead visit Bologna (or criminally underrated Ravenna!) on the way to Venice.

  5. Why would you say trains are the best option? I’ve considered adding Bologna too! I’ll check it out, and Milan doesn’t drive me crazy - i think it might be a bit disappointing but i wouldn’t wanna leave it out anyways,

  6. I think it was the most selfish and childish thing he could’ve done. He didn’t want Claire to risk her life, but then he goes on and kills Ethan, making her effort useless. They wanted him alive for information. Basically he turned her risking her life into something useless.

  7. If I was on the island I’d round up all the electronics and make video game emulation machines. It’s the one thing that’s severely lacking on the show. They have golf, music, books….but no video games.

  8. yeah, i thought the same. the fact that they trusted Sawyer with a gun is new, they’re all changing their attitude towards him, but so is he. He’s clearly making an effort to find his place

  9. Pretty close to the specific shades. Anxious and happy both have the same shade of yellow, for some reason

  10. For me, purple is usually for overwhelmed. I guess they're kinda similar?

  11. yeah, overwhelmed would be a similar shade of purple for me! maybe with bits of grey too

  12. yeah, you knew he was going to have an interesting backstory too... a lot of people didn't like Sawyer in the beginning, but his character intrigued me too.

  13. I def think it’s a good character and it is essential in this kind of story, it brings a whole different perspective to the characters. Still, so far he is very unlikeable, but that’s the point of his character, that’s why it’s well done.

  14. living in ibiza i’d say i’ve never used catalan outside school…

  15. You would be surprised by how many young people speak catalan if you speak it to them first

  16. yeah, sure, but if i can speak spanish i’d rather not speak catalan

  17. I grew up in Ibiza, and although it must not have been the peak days in history, those were def better than now.

  18. I went to Ibiza just after the summer season ended a few years ago. It was weirdly empty, but so so beautiful. It should have been obvious that it would be, but you never hear about it the nature, only the parties

  19. this is so beautiful! i love how the gaps refill the rest of the image 🔥

  20. jajaja I asked my self a couple of those too. Of course, there are many contradictions that just don’t make sense. But still, I find it way better, more complex and relevant to the whole star wars universe, than other shows they’re doing now.

  21. Not seen the book of Boba Fett but have seen Clone wars and the Rebels. Tbh i think, the animated series does a way better job in filling the gaps, being true to the characters and building the story in between.

  22. i haven’t seen those, i’ll watch them, thanks for the recommendation! ✨

  23. I don’t think you ever “finish” learning a language… not even your native language.

  24. looooove it ✨ Aunque han hecho un mix entre ibicenco y castellano… jaja

  25. Because in my case, that is literally what i feel (in any time of situation). When i associate a colour to a person or a touch or a feeling, i see colours floating around me and it’s always been hard to explain but this is probably the most accurate image to represent how i see the colours floating around me

  26. In your mind's eye you're seeing colors? Or you're actually seeing colors? Just curious.

  27. I think it depends on the situation. For me, usually i think of something and i picture the colours in my mind. Abut when my synesthesia is more intense, like during sex for example, i see the colours right in front of me, not in my mind.

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