111 days ago, our boy was diagnosed with cancer. 111 days without a bath. Tonight, was our first bath since his diagnosis. SO many happy tears.

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  1. Lol, so they do have some self-awareness, after all...

  2. These sneaky withchers are trying to reassimilate back into society, and I won't stand for it.

  3. "...It says here your name is Gerald Riviera, but your former employer told me you used to go by a different name. Care to explain? "

  4. If it doesn't include the camera chick's goofy laugh, I don't wanna hear it.

  5. There actually are kitchen scales that allow you to select the food you are weighing and it will tell you what the estimated calorie count is.

  6. The fact that cancer can occur in babies/children is truly one of the cruelest jokes God has ever played on us.

  7. That auditorium looks way better than the ones in any public school I've ever attended.

  8. Somebody please ask him to share this weight loss regimen.

  9. Very smart (dare I say clever). Kazakhstan was the next obvious route for sanction avoidances after Turkey closed the tap. Very important for the west to invest in Kazakhstan.

  10. Kazakhstan is a competitor with Russia in the natural gas export market. Anything that hurts Russia's ability to export gas, helps Kazakhstan. Problem is, Kazakhstan has only gone from being in bed with Russian despots to Chinese ones.

  11. The West cares... now... but it's too late. Central Asia had no choice it was Russia or China.

  12. Attention can only be split in so many ways. China and Russia know this, which is why you see them stoking crises in Western democracies and creating chaos. They want to keep us distracted. This has worked to great effect and has particularly allowed China to spread their influence over central Asia, Africa and the Middle East without much pushback.

  13. Love how you can see in the slow mo that the explosion occurs and then some time later, he braces.

  14. I think it looks better that way! Petition to flip the actual South America! Sign today!

  15. You made a typo while trying to say "you made a typo".

  16. Looks like he didn't want to lose his fucking kneecap

  17. I used to be an adventurer like you, until I lost my fucking kneecap.

  18. They really should have found them little mini sized medals to hang around their necks. Looks like dinner plates.

  19. Frowned upon, but in my experience nobody hassles you if you pack up some snacks, grab a coffee and go. I think it's one of those rules that the actual employees would prefer you break.

  20. Yes, they are. The hip and shoulder straps I’ll prevent him from slipping out of it. Personally I wouldn’t do it without the leg straps well tightened because they are literally part of the lower body harness but he would be ok.

  21. I was enraged by the ending of season one and haven't been able to bring myself to watch any more of it.

  22. Riker throwing a single asteroid at a single ship was infinitely more exciting and cooler than the massive battle of copy paste ships at the end of S1

  23. My problem with the ending of season 1 was the fact that they had IMO a perfect ending with ( spoiler alert, spoiler alert, spoiler alert) a heart-wrenching scene that felt like a perfect farewell to one of the most beloved characters among fans of the franchise. They made a drastic decision to kill him off, but they didn't have the balls to stick to their guns. Immediately after the emotional conversation Picard has in the afterlife with data, they make it all basically meaningless by bringing him back to life as a fucking Android. When that happened, I literally shouted "how fucking dare you" at my TV.

  24. Getting my friends to see this movie has been.. something "You ever see Snatch?" ".... excuse me?"

  25. Problem is, once you watch it with them, you then have to also watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels with them

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