1. Whats more embarrassing to me is the muslims defending these people come on these people literally do everything haram in islam drink alcohol to gambling and premarital sex but approve of the four wives thing and being anti lgbtq so islam is cool and based and thats about it if muslims want to follow and support these degenerate don't be surprised when people look at us the wrong way

  2. Is it racist to not have books about the holiness of the trinity in Palestine bookshelfs?

  3. Did you just compare the generational slaughter of millions of Christians in the middle East with Floridian lawmakers banning a book?

  4. So israel is allowed to have all these great allies that will leverage loans aid water weaponry and technology etc etc ... but Palestinians shoud not have a single ally to even offer diplomatic support ? Can you please explain to me how this solves the conflict except in the only way you want which is to crush the Palestinian people with nobody to say anything because thats basically what you are suggesting here yes a very fair and balanced way of solving things

  5. When did I say I want to crush the Palestinian people.

  6. No not really. Atheist have been trying to silence religion too. You know China, NK, and the Soviets are and were atheists and anti-theist.

  7. If you don't want Muslims to preach in your country, that's entirely up to you. It's your country, do what you wish with it. I think western ideals are dangerous to society, so naturally I don't want them spreading here.

  8. Its so funny to me how all of these diaspora muslims are living in western countries and are trying spread their religion in other people's countries but a professor can't make a fucking science video in a muslim country fuck these people they actually make my blood boil

  9. They are but this sub loooOOoOooOooOOooOOves the entire 'west this' 'west that' 'west bad >:(' spam

  10. Where are they standing up against this ? Wait are the ones who did this loosing their homes ? Most of them getting jail time ? Wow! are u saying the idf tried to stop them ?!! The idf really doesn't joke around any wrong move around them and your dead even if your a child they must have killed and beat up a lot of them.

  11. They already issued an apology and said it was a mistake by the person responsible for the voting and not a decision or an opnion by the Palestinians football association apparently the head of the PFA left early for health issues and there was a corresponding mix up

  12. She has insulted Muslims by doing this. Good thing that justice prevailed and people like her don’t get to teach students wrong things

  13. If a drawing insults you...you probably shouldn't be in college studying art nobody is forcing you to stay there you can leave and stay a dumbfuck ....education can't submit to everyone's beliefs like that or we will end up going back to the stone age

  14. Good. Drawing anything that depicts of the Prophet is just an insult no matter the intention.

  15. She literally before showing the drawing gave a warning that if your not comfortable you can leave the lecture and comeback when we are done Submitting to everyones beliefs like that is stupid and anti freedom of speech and the reason we in the middle east are fucked we always submit to the crazy extremist and stay silent Whats next ? Are we supposed to stop teaching evolution theory because its agianst muslims belifs too ? If your not interested in learning then get out of college and stay a dumbfuck nobody is forcing you to stay there...i hope she gets her job back

  16. This girl is racist against north Africans btw she deleted a lot of tweets

  17. I meean you guys are the reason the I/P conflict started and your still a good reason why its only getting worse so its not like you guys ars correcting anything Am not exactly blaming every random average brit for the actions of thier government but you guys still support Israel and overlook thier crimes against Palestinians so what changed from a century till this day for us to change our opnion on things ?

  18. You do realise there’s huge support for Palestine in the uk right? There’s even videos of England fans saying “free Palestine” to Israeli reporters. So stop lying. The average Brit isn’t responsible for what the Israeli government do. Are all Muslims to blame for what Hamas and Isis get up to ? Of course not. Plus I think a lot of Brits care more about Palestinians than most Arabs too.

  19. I dont think am denying the support there but that support still isn't enough to change a single fucking thing towards israel when it comes to diplomatic economic military support from the government we barely get crumbz done in anything your new pm not so long ago said he's open to moving the embassy to Jerusalem which is just the greatest way of saying "free Palestine "am sorry if you think am generalizing too much and i appreciate everyone who is supportive of us but its been 100 years and nothing really changed in policy at the end of the day Israel gets all the important and proper hand shakes and all the guns and all the money and we get a vote at the un to condem what they did and then america vetos it and we move on

  20. Qatar compared to other countries in the Middle East actually has a comparatively good track record with treatment of journalists.

  21. Netanyahu will blame everything on arabs its his favorite hobby to change history to fit whatever hateful political agenda he is spewing

  22. some of the history was right about some arab tribes moving in but that was like 2 percent of the population.

  23. Yeah i know but he's clearly painting the narrative that the land was empty not just 2%

  24. If he fails to form a coallition til the 11th he can ask for extension which will give him up to an extra 2 weeks. First thing he needs to be doing is to pass a few laws and acts to make sure he stays in power:

  25. Regardless of the view of Palestinians in elections why would isrealis threaten their democracy and vote so many people that want to destroy isreali institutions for their own benfit ?

  26. Because the left is incompetent in dealing with the prices of basic nessesaties and they do not give confidence in the security of the country

  27. Now am not fully informed but isn't a huge problem in isreal that hesidic jews keep voting themselves into more welfare and dodging military service ? Are there no left leaning party campaigning against it ?because i imaging solving this problem would help in prices and less burden on tax payers or maybe there isn't enogh of a political capital to rile people up on it ?

  28. I‘m always saying if Israel would be muslim almost no one on this sub would remotely care about it.

  29. The UAE does???? I understand your point about saudi but I never ever hear anything about the UAE and I don't think they actually control anything

  30. Its not that they directly tell other countries what to say but by virtue of their political power alot of countries try to stay on thier good side by reporting very biased or not reporting at all

  31. 1It wasn't one their where many

  32. And let's not forget how they mocks the survivors of Holocaust in France i say is a well earned behavior

  33. I’m secular and liberal. And I agrees with them. We will never be first world countries without modernized. Either you like it or not, you can enjoy your wealth while your oil last. When your oil gets depleted or becomes irrelevant no one will gives a damn about your existence. Just screenshot my comment and remember it in the future, if MENA doesn’t change we are done for.

  34. I agree with you that we have problems in the Middle East but come on this post is all people literally talking about nuking and destroying any country that doesn't liberalize and some of them are mentioning iq too thats just flat out racist and you know it but your mouth is full sucking that westoid cock to admit it

  35. Bro your government right now is the most radical in the history of your country by democratic means we can't get elections for shit but still wouldn't be an excuse to trash every jewish person but hey man you keep being racist that might solve it all

  36. You know what sure, like I said you'll hear what you want to hear, facts and results speak for themselves in the development of the country, enjoy there in palestine and I'll have a bliss in Israel

  37. There is a fairly common pattern of Palestinian celebration after dead Israelis

  38. Is it really that common or is it mostly irrelevant videos to the atacks being posted without any context and people blindly believing that its related to the attacks?

  39. And this is why nobody will ever take Palestine seriously. They will never get what they want.

  40. Why did you immediately belive this ? Do you have proof that its real ? Can you link me the proof if yes Because the video has no mention what so ever of the terrorist attack

  41. Am pro lgbtq+ and always will but come on why are people all of a sudden pretending that fans in Europe can bring any political statement they want to the the stadium ?anyone who keeps up with Palestinie and watches football knows the thousands of times security has ripped off the Palestinian flag and sometimes would fine the club if they allow it even with the signs to support Catalonia were banned.there are so many issues that are politically unpopular in Europe that were banned . why do you feel so entitled that you want to put a political sign in a place where it's unpopular but never say anything when the same is happening in your own backyard ? Fuck this bro the hypocrisy is unbelievable

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