1. Do you know the history on this brand/bottler?

  2. Nothing besides what I've seen on Google. It's not the 1st bottle that I've been clueless on 🤣.

  3. I have a brown bottle like that but it's a full quart bottle. No clue on information though.

  4. Asco had a ton of different products in the 20th century. This one, based on shape alone, was almost certainly vinegar. The mark on the bottom indicates this bottle was manufactured by the Turner Brothers Company, which operated until 1929. Judging by the top, a good date range for this bottle would be ~1925-1929, possibly a few years earlier but unlikely.

  5. Amazing, if you didn't give me this information any sooner it was gonna be in my recycling bin tomorrow 🤣🤣 thanks.

  6. Weird I’ve only ever seen the federal law on booze bottles, but in the 1920s it would of either been a cork top or a weird hard resin top with inside threads and a rubber like bushing, the top it has is more of the 60s era if it was 40s or 50s it’s be a metal top

  7. I wrote this in the wrong post.. 🤣🤣 sorry about that it DOES have the federal warning though

  8. If you have the time, put a piece of paper over the embossing on the bottom and take a rubbing of it. See if that changes the way you see the numbers. Patent 73949 appears to be a patent for a stateroom for railroad cars. I checked other patents in that number range and didn't see a bottle of this type.

  9. I tried that but the numbers aren't raised enough to show. And the imperfection on bottom doesn't help either to read it. I tried searching the numbers too. I tried 73747 bottle and searched images and no matches

  10. I'm digging my first dump that's on my property. So fun.

  11. I don’t know the age and eat. But it definitely looks like a salt shaker. I don’t know if that was obvious

  12. Yeah I would say the marking is the date. I don't know that much however

  13. I know other coke bottles have them in other places on side of the bottle. This tall style is new to me

  14. I found the same bottle listed on EBay dated 1915-1925. Listed for like $5.75. Just another bottle for the collection that I don't know much about. 😅

  15. I found one of those, mine had no lid but was still mostly full. Thick petrolatum based skin cream of some kind, easily scooped out with my fingers, and melted/washed away with soap and hot water. It's my kitchen toothpick holder now

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