1. Feminismul este cea mai ironica denumire pentru miscarea care lupta pentru egalitatea sexelor.

  2. (muzica de suspans) “I believe you dropped the soap.”

  3. Consequently he should be re-admitted to Facebook and Instagram. To make his due contribution.

  4. At least Austria being a Russian foreign agent is publicly acknowledged.

  5. Female lions are the main hunters, so he's just waiting for her to bring him the snack.

  6. This guy is seriously cognitively impaired if he cannot process a simple no. Unsolicited aid repeatedly rejected is borderline aggression.

  7. Procesul de new vendor assessment dureaza 3-6 luni. Este mult mai convenabil sa intri sub unul deja agreat. Brokerul trebuie sa retina o marja mica (“de-o ciunga”) daca doar ia un timesheet si o factura de la tine si da mai departe timesheetul tau si factura lor.

  8. Wow, esti prieten cu Fuego? Dar stii ca varsta reala e ceva mai mare.

  9. They’re the ones typing the answers, right?

  10. Fix la fel au gandit si asiaticii care muncesc in RO pe 600 eur/luna.

  11. Looking at image stability I doubt this is not taken by holding up a phone.

  12. I see how you think it was and I hold my phone a lot of the time and no one ever asked me if I was filming lol

  13. That’s exactly what I find intriguing. In this particular case one normally wonders “Are you into getting some food or filming?”

  14. “ l like big baaaaaaahts and I cannot lie…”

  15. am senzația că avea numere de Anglia.

  16. E oferit foarte clar in “Morometii” prin ratiunea taierii salcamului.

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