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  1. Well, definitely making use of this for my next spelljammer game. Love the design and the straight forward nature of the ship.

  2. Thank you so much! I hope that it serves you well. It's the first one I've made in a while now but it was a lot of fun :)

  3. I showed my party this, and they adore the detail and love some of the potential mods I’ve been designing for it. The lay out is straightforward and I’m excited to see what they can do with it.

  4. Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 11 and 3 quarters.

  5. Given they’re technically part of the DCEU, I’d vote for something connected to the Endless. Their nature would make really animating them in completion would be an utter trip.

  6. Grim Dawn is so straight forward compared to PoE. I always recommend it to people.

  7. I would kill to play in a campaign of yours…

  8. Race: Simic Hybrid. Alternatively, you could look into Water Genasi, a reflavored Triton, Sea Elf, or some of the other Nautical Races. But Simic Hybrid seems to me to fit the best.

  9. I thought Artificer myself, but Battlesmith, with the little dude with her being their “Steel” Defender.

  10. It is humanity like this that needs to survive

  11. Fascinating and terrifying concept. All in.

  12. I once designed a monster that was able to copy class abilities that also happened to be hunting them. He only got to do so upon rolling initiative. Now they were always given the choice to fighting them or running. When they ran, they still progressed, as I run on milestone, but the first time they got up the balls to take a swing at this guy, I was so pleased. They got loot out of it, and they kicked his ass. The dude did get to copy the Sorcerer’s spellcasting.. In any case, I love throwing out little challenges for my players. That was one that went better then expected.

  13. As someone who grew up with stuff like Spelljammer and the like, and given how Planescape has evolved bit by bit over the years.

  14. I love this. The work into the story, the attention to detail. Bravo.

  15. Bro can’t decide if he’s a liquid or a solid!

  16. Even if you did, we want this list bigger. There arnt enough unhateable people in the world.

  17. Impressive doesn’t begin to cover this for me. I love the armor design, the whole character vibe is giving me notions of Castlevania to a degree.. solid stuff.

  18. Quite the setup. Nicely handled and thought out setup. Nice when characters come around, and you can see em and understand em a bit in your head. I hope you get a look you’re aiming for.

  19. Final fantasy 7’s Hojo. Behaved very similar

  20. To be fair, Popeyes can be that good too. Stoner here, I know cravings too.

  21. Fuckin awesome. The detail is good, and the separate notions of Graviturgy being present while she still holds solid with being a Water Genasi still. The subtlety of the moon’s effects over water and gravity might’ve been a nice add on, but now I’m nitpicking at this point. Bitchin Job, dude.

  22. Question I have asked myself since I started reading these.

  23. Very castlevania, both inspiration and backstory wise. Curious to see any finished products.

  24. I had a DM once try to tell me my ability didn’t look the way I wanted, even when it said it did. Stifling creativity like that is one of the fastest ways to kill my interest in a game.

  25. Impressive detail, color and lighting. Nicely done

  26. This, as a concept alone, is fascinating as hell.

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