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  1. Well in an infinite universe there must be somewhere out there where pizza is square, cut into circles and then placed in a triangular box.

  2. Maybe he should spill the fucking beans and we send them all to prison.

  3. Hancock has some diaries to sell. He isn't interested in testifying in court because he will end up in a cell himself.

  4. I'm suprised he lived this long. He looked like he wouldn't make it through the 1980s.

  5. have you heard Keir Starmar speak on almost anything?

  6. Yes. Its unimpressive. But I contend that removal of the tories would be an improvement. Have you not seen what the tories have done over the past 10 years? Look at the corruption, the venal incompetence, the stoking of culture wars, the hate directed against asylum seakers..etc Are you seriously saying that you think Labour would be just as bad in these regards?

  7. Should be either 2 results from this case. Either he raped her so he should be in jail for a long time or she lied and she should be in jail for long time.

  8. Any offence has to have a burden of proof for a conviction. Neither was met in this case. If we didn't have this then a lot of innocent people would end up in jail.

  9. There you go - dismissing an allegation because you don’t like the messenger. That is dumb.

  10. Its NOT an allegation in any meaningful sense. It has no legal status. If Hancock has an actual allegation to make then there is a proper legal process for doing so. He needs to make them under oath. But i strongly suspect he won't do that because his claims lack substance, and liar that he is, he won't want to perjure himself. What he is doing instead is just presenting tittle tattle for the credulous in his diaries. And I suggest you lay off the insults. You come across as petulant and childish particularly when you also fail to engage in any way with the points I make.

  11. Until he makes a formal complaint to the relevant authorities then of course it's not "legal" but it is still an allegation. Look up the meaning of the word. Seems to me Hancock is living rent free behind your eyes because your argument is all over the place. Get a grip ffs.

  12. It seems you are unable to take on board my point about petulance and childish insults. I didn't disupute that it is an allegation - I said it is not one in any meaningful sense.

  13. They are high compared to average salaries, but average includes all non-skilled jobs. Starting salary for a newly qualified account in London, with 3 years work experience, is 60k.

  14. Most MPs are not London based. And even the average salary for a 'professional' in London is only 52K.

  15. Go click on that link, then go look at the jobs in central London. On the first few pages most are well above that. I have a feeling they have liberally used to term professional. Admin roles can get 40k.

  16. >there are lots of people already in senior jobs that could not afford to be an MP, particularly living in the south east,

  17. Can't say I have seen that, but it is most famously done in Clockwork Orange, using Wendy Carlos' wonderful electronic arrangement.

  18. The shop owners seemed pretty cool the way they dealt with it. Sadly I suspect this is a fairly common occurrence for them.

  19. Or maybe the NHS in its current state is unsustainable? Not a fan of privatisation but I’d be willing to pay a small part of my medical care if it means that I don’t have to wait 3 hours in A&E

  20. All of them. I hate cookery programmes. If I want a recipe I'll get it from a book.

  21. Surprising that this wasn't anticipated for Apollo 11. The cooling effects of the floor wouldn't exactly have been unknown to the engineers. A hammock is an easy win - indeed there is probably a 1000 year or so precedent for their use.

  22. Absolutely. If they ain't there, then you have no right to call it a Christmas dinner.

  23. Any activity that keeps him from recording any more of his shitty bland MOR music has to be a good thing.

  24. That doesn’t make any sense, how do you know if it is a mess if you didn’t read it?

  25. I was editing my comment for clarity while you posted. But you are right. Your comment doesn't make sense. It seems to be your chosen life's work to defend shitty right wing tirades. Good luck with the world.

  26. No you didn’t, liar. Unless you’ve got a super human reading comprehension speed, you can’t have read the entire article between you claiming you hadn’t (and didn’t need to) read it and the ninja edit 6 minutes later saying you had.

  27. Who'd have thought it?: A far-righter who is also paranoid as fuck and prone to self-aggrandising interpretations. If you read my original comment again maybe you can manage to work out what "I didn't" actually referred to regarding your comment. Hint: it didn't refer to the reading of the article. But congratulations on revealing the deeply impoverished status of your inner mental life, not that it wasn't already apparent.

  28. I really don't like this dripfeed of information from the trial; its impossible to evaluate without hearing the defense case .

  29. Maybe don't try evaluating court trials based on individual articles you find on a forum??? Like bro what the fuck hahahahahah.

  30. I was making a point about this sort of journalism which is designed to create a particular impression in the reader. I will wait until the trial is over. I am not a juror and therefore don't need to read daily updates on this matter.

  31. From my EU perspective brexit got real, when two years ago my sister opened a dog salon. Looking for suitable grooming instruments to work with and accessories to sell, she found an English shop selling, what she likes and is in line with the style, she was settling with.

  32. Redditors that don't leave their house and want to objective women

  33. You’re the one against putting murderers in prison…

  34. That isn't the other poster's position at all; if you look back at your post that was your suggestion. They were arguing against indefinite prison for murderers. It was you yourself who suggested that you didn't want to pay taxes to lock murderers up.

  35. The rehabitating model should be focused towards the non violent crimes rather than someone who was happy to bounce on someone's head until their head was mush. You keep that energy about paedophiles? Better having them doing a piss take sentence then community service? I doubt that somehow. But keep that energy.

  36. >The rehabitating model should be focused towards the non violent crimes rather than someone who was happy to bounce on someone's head until their head was mush.

  37. Planking. What was the fucking point of that? Seemed to be everywhere on the internet around 2011-ish - was pretty much gone as quickly as it appeared six months later.

  38. What would persuade all 27 countries not to veto the application? France were persuaded to abandon their veto of the UK in 1973, they won't make that mistake again.

  39. You seriously think that France doesn't have an interest in smooth free trade with one of its nearest geographic neighbors? You seriously don't think the EU block doesn't have an interest in a major world military power being part of their block given the state of the world? You don't think it would be a major victory for the EU project for the only country to ever leave the EU to then come crawling back?

  40. Let's look at the facts rather than feelings;

  41. John Cleese has turned into an irredeemably pompous entitled right-wing establishment windbag these days. He is the very manifestation of the people he used to caricature early in his career. I suspect he was always a fucking arsehole but its only since his career has faded away that what you know see is an utter prick with nothing useful to say about the world.

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