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  1. The point is when, will it really be this time? I doubt about it

  2. And a reason for that would be??

  3. They don’t want to raise the real issues, they just want sensationalized article material

  4. Fuck CTV News, try and censor me here you cuck bastards.

  5. Yeah, I’ve figured at this point. Is our government out to harm us? Or are they just that inept that they let the rich just completely take us for everything.

  6. Thank God people are starting to wake up, now I don't know if it's in time or not but at least people have to acknowledge the government is enemy #1 right now.

  7. Please, these predictions are like throwing darts at a board. It would be like predicting the weather at the end of 2023

  8. They're changing their tunes now, you don't have to be an economist to see which way the housing market is heading. Pricing is on its way down.

  9. I've said this before, sometimes to downvotes, sometimes to upvotes. I readily admit it is purely just intuition and speculation on my part. But it is my belief that the Bank of Canada will be the most aggressive central bank among its peers in raising interest rates to combat inflation. They hiked a little bit more than the US Fed last time, and I expect that trend to continue for as long as the BOC can keep it up. They will want to maintain at least a broad level of alignment. But I think they will push the envelope for how far they can depart from the US Fed, just out of self interest for their own jobs.

  10. Hitting the nail on the head buddy. People who understand economics (especially now after the crap we had for the last two years) will be voting blue this time. I'm a non-voter but when a candidate understands his voters have education and will vote on the most important issues that plague everyone, people like me will vote accordingly. The fun times are coming to an end and it's time to pay for the last 30 years of unchecked bliss.

  11. Nothing you said makes sense. You hope inflation goes out of control so someone like me who owns multiple properties will have it bad? You want me to drown in money or something?

  12. No you won't drown in money, you'll get hyper inflation. You don't know anything about what I'm invested in and you don't need to either. You've told me you have multiple properties so I know where your interests lie. I'm very glad that I know what the rational steps the BoC will do which is raise rates and crush housing prices. I said I wish you'd see what higher inflation would cause, because that's what quantative easing and lower interest rates will do. I know that the BoC won't do that though, they'll sacrifice housing so the rest of the economy can continue on. I'm making perfect sense but you're just too dumb to understand it seems.

  13. Bahaha youre on Reddit, you ain't improving shit in your life, times have changed you had it on easy mode for too long. Time for you to work now, get ready to get in line at the soup kitchen little boy.

  14. Yup, they're telling you what they're going to do. Why anyone else believes in some nonsensical thinking is beyond me. They will continue to raise rates and bring inflation back down, end of story.

  15. At least it was a happy ending with some busy balls

  16. What a joke people would pay that much to live in a box.

  17. The alternative is moving away or choosing a tent. Prices will come down soon though.

  18. Well we're talking about the near future, it can triple over the next 25 years but that isn't even close to possible in the next year. We're most likely to see a crash within a year, just need a major player to fail or a catalyst and the house of cards will collapse.

  19. Hey look, you're getting specific about timeframes.

  20. Time-frames that make sense, tripling is not a timeframe in the next 5 years nevermind the next year. Let's think logically shall we?

  21. So you'll cheer for a collapse where millions of people lose their houses, which are then bought up by corporations and the extremely wealthy only to be rented back to the serfs?

  22. Yes I will cheer, I'm not going to pretend like I care about anyone else that doesn't care about affordability for all instead of profit for oneself. If you're not over leveraged and bought your house to live in you'll be fine, if all you're looking at is a dollar figure then capitalism deserves to destroy you as fast as it created you.

  23. Lol literally capitalism at full force, the market can make you wealthy but it also can make you broke. That's the system you're playing within, that ain't communism bud. At this point I wonder if Canadians think they're entitled to bailouts, comrade.

  24. No house for sale under $1 million in my neighborhood. Before covid there were so many houses for sale under $1 million. How can people call this a housing crash, it couldn’t drop back to before covid level. People call it housing crash because investors lose a bit of gain, that’s what happens when housing trading like a stock

  25. Look at the sales, just because the price hasn't changed doesn't mean sentiment hasn't shifted significantly. We have already crashed, it just takes time to see it play out. End of year you'll either be laughing or crying at your own statement depending which side of the fence you're on.

  26. I don’t consider a crash when it only give back a year of gain. People just fomo into housing in the last year

  27. A year of gain so far, wait until people are forced to sell then the real fun starts.

  28. People smokin that hopium because they think we a dictatorship.

  29. You said it better than I could. They won't play by the rules. Wanna risk it then sure, don't DRS!

  30. Not every broker will get fkd but many will, secure yourself to ensure you don't get fkd no matter if you think you're at risk or not.

  31. Like everything with this useless, ceremonial, monarchy we have.

  32. If you look at our constitutional setup, unfortunately, I think Canada is a "finished" project. I don't see a future where we can make the constitutional change necessary to abolish the monarchy as it would require unanimous provincial agreement. In a country as decentralized as Canada, I don't think it's going to be possible barring a major unifying event.

  33. Let's hope this financial crisis is the catalyst then

  34. Good thing we got that Emergency Measures Act on hand for the truckers then isn’t it?

  35. The poor's outnumber the policy makers, once things get real bad the fun begins.

  36. so many greedy charlatans in positions of power Im sick

  37. Don't worry, were coming for all of them.

  38. Don't tell me he's short on Bobby too 😂 chukumba is gonna have a bad time. He's already frothing at the mouth

  39. Must be all the cum from mayo man's dick sucking

  40. Well!! Good luck to you for whatever you are praying to happen

  41. I don't pray, the numbers and trends speak for themselves.

  42. Great! I don’t have time to worry about you.

  43. Exactly, sounds like you got enough on your own plate 😂😂😂

  44. Radio personality not a realtor

  45. How long has he had a controversial podcast? If it's been more than a year I can't see him being attacked for just the personality. He must have done something wrong to someone in the real estate market and this was probably payback

  46. I’m confused, are you calling me a realtor? Lol realtors are parasites for the most part. The whole realtor system is broken imo…I am not one. Just cooling inflation suggests rate hikes will be less dramatic from here.

  47. Because everything will have crashed by then anyways

  48. This is big!! Inflation starting to cool in the US. Will be interesting to see if Canada reports the same over the coming days. I still think we'll see jumbo hikes for remainder of the year. But looks like an end might be in sight.

  49. This is year over year cpi, look at the 2 year chart and you can see that inflation is up over 14% in that time. Not to mention look at inflation data from 08, things looked great and CPi came down before everything crashed.

  50. I remember asking the sub recommendations about future economy and buyers market as a FTHB.

  51. Feels surreal doesnt it? How quick sentiment shifts with something people said would have no effect. Love that people are going to get a financial education lesson finally.

  52. ONLY bank accounts with pre-approved monthly witdrawals accepted!! NO actual people PLEASE. Female non-smoking bank accounts only. I am NOT a landlord. I JUST want money.

  53. ”Help me crowdfund my mortgage pls!”

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