1. To help with the difficulty with tucking your elbows a bit more, narrow your grip a bit. Line up your ring finger on the midpoint line bilaterally. Or, line up so the tip of your thumb could just barely reach to the edge of the textured part.

  2. By point your toes i mean ball of the foot on the ground, heel off the ground. Feel like you are trying to push through the ground with the ball of your foot

  3. Orgo is just a puzzle game. You have to memorize all of the pieces, then use those pieces to solve puzzles. This is very very similar to diagnosis and treatment in medicine.

  4. Prescribed 30mg XR, which I only take on weekdays…and days I golf

  5. Im not gonna share very personal information with strangers on reddit. But I can tell you, theres a whole lot of bad private shit that exists, and happens. Even for people who aren’t poor. Its ignorant to diminish that.

  6. Just got pro line clubs which are lofted quite a bit more, so currently kind of confused about how far everything goes.

  7. Im reading a book about a famous surgeon who broke his right wrist as a child leading to him having limited rotational mobility. He happened to be a phenomenal golfer and operator, and claimed this was the key to some if his success in both fields.

  8. I once had an attending get frustrated with the scrub nurse for the way she was treating me (shoving the mayo tray in the place where I was standing, not handing me tools, slapping my hands). The attending stopped operating and was like, “hey, this is Redditor, he is assisting me with the case right now. Please stop getting in the way.” Def one of the highlights of my surgery rotation as the scrub was being shitty to me all week.

  9. Have you done your surgery rotation? Some don’t find their erection until they scrub in and have no way to hide it

  10. My button is gone, just like what happened before my step 1 score was released…but also my eligibility expired 7/31. Saw another redditor say that their eligibiliy expired 731 and their permit button is still there so im holding onto hope here

  11. Im wondering as well. My permit disappeared, but my sate range also ended on Monday. Anybody with an open test range have their permit disappear?

  12. My grandfather’s quote, not sure where it came from, was “there is no greater jealousy than that of a functionary for their function.” In my life, I’ve always just called those people functionaries

  13. I initially thought it said “Caddy yardages” and was like wtf kinda weird stat is this

  14. Depends how many students come through the hospital and what's in the lounge. Real food and drinks and big academic place w lots of students? That could be tough. Attendings do pay a decent amount of staff dues at most places. Who knows, could also have call rooms, more private bathrooms etc. Keureg coffee and some computers? Cmon in. Not really an academic place with few rotating students? Welcome to the party. Enjoy our competing CNN and Fox news TVs.

  15. Get a coauthor or other member of your group who will be there to present. Otherwise, ethically no

  16. If you have had 12 years experience and multiple coaches and are playing poorly to the point that you are uncomfortable and others are uncomfortable, I think you may be approaching it wrong.

  17. From a presentation I saw recently, i thought the reason its bad for preop primarily lies in it taking to long to reach bacterio-whatever, so when you give it right at wheels in, it wont be at therapeutic dosage

  18. No one ever said it’s bad for preop. No one is talking about therapeutic dosage. We’re not treating anything

  19. Also the path for "I want good clubs that work well for me, but the price I can afford puts me in the 10-15 year old clubs range"

  20. I recently got fitted and he had me swing about 8 different weights and shaft torques all in the xstiff range. And we were able to watch all the stats change in real time. If you ask you local club pro (like I did) they can often get you a free fitting if you act serious about buying the clubs. Otherwise its like $150 bucks (at least at callaway, which is of course the best imo). If someone cant afford $1500+ clubs, i fully understand that. But, if they have a nice swing and a handicap under like 15, they certainly shouldn’t be jumping through hoops to save on fitting costs. Just skip a round or two of golf and go to the range or chipping green instead. Fitting is worth it

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