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  1. Yep, drop the gen 3 drive train in the 15-17 body.

  2. Base 3D model from Sketchfab (berti_120) environment by me.

  3. OK, a false sense of security. Whatever makes you "feel" better.

  4. LOL, it's got more power and faster than V8 Mustangs from not that long ago. Any F/I (forced induction) engine will need more maintenance down the road as compared to a N/A (naturally aspirated) engine. I'd imagine that the turbo will need a rebuild/replace by 100k miles. It's also not going to have that distinct exhaust sound that N/A engines can have. That's why I decide to get the V6 in mine instead of the EB. I didn't want the GT payment yet (still had 2 kids in school, only 1 now) so I just got the cheaper option. Still pushing close to 320 hp which again is more than many V8s had not too long ago. Fast enough for me.

  5. There are people who don't consider Mustang II as Mustangs nor Fox bodies or 4th Gen. If it has a pony on it and Ford says it's a Mustang then it's a Mustang. Everything else is personal taste.

  6. Off the parkway- Black Balsam Knob and Graveyard Fields, south of Asheville. Also check out Craggy Gardens, north of Asheville (especially good in spring when rhodos are blooming)

  7. They get really angry when you call the confederate flag "the loser flag", the truth hurts.

  8. “u aMs tRyIn tO cHaNgE mUy hYsTrY! “

  9. I feel like at this point people just appreciate the car making it 50 years in decent shape even if it is a slow v6. You dont need a motor to make it look good

  10. Hey it's a shitload better than the guy who wrapped his car in unicorn puke. I love the P-51 throwback personally on this one. That being said this just screams "Pull me over!!!!"

  11. Looks more A10 Warthog than P51 to me. I'd not do it but not my car.

  12. Thanks. I'd probably just do the entire bedroom, closet and bath over. Because I'm missing the stackable W/D. I might take another pass at it ;)

  13. Bro, someone could wrap their car in “rare competition orange” for a hell of a lot cheaper. Plus This car isn’t even stock, so it not in “mint” condition


  15. FAR better than OP’s SN95 example

  16. Is there have way to update the existing sketchup model in blender (if we done some revisions in sketchup model we need to update those revisions on existing blender file)

  17. I guess you’d just have to reinsert it in Blender. No way to update the model other then that.

  18. They have NO idea what the liberal agenda is.

  19. To him socialism is giving money to POC and not to only him!

  20. Siamese Dream is a masterpiece and on another level compared to Gish, as is MCIS. SP started off good and ascended to incredible.

  21. I thin Adore has some of his best writing along with Machina

  22. Let me preface this with Adore is my favorite SP album. That said, once I heard the live set version of those tracks with the synth and two percussionists I'm convinced that they recorded a demo album.

  23. Wow, I’ll have to check that out

  24. Yep, at Bob King in Winston-Salem. This was our 3rd new car with them so I think they cut us a deal. Bought a new '23 Kia Sportage X-Pro Prestige. YMMV

  25. Awesome, I have never bought a car from them, but I will definitely give them a call. Thanks!

  26. It's my wife's and she LOVES it! It was marked up but as I said we are a 3 time repeat buyer. Best of luck!

  27. Cat was like .. "bitch, it's ON!"

  28. HC parking spot, 10 to 1 on welfare/disability.

  29. Is that blacked out grille stock? That looks nice.

  30. Why Nvidia only? Do CAD programs tend to have bad support for AMD graphics?

  31. AMD will work, well but in my experience and test results show Nvidia to perform better. Here's an older test with it's results..

  32. Macbook?? Hell no! What program does you college use? Here's what to do,

  33. Would you recommend it over Blender?

  34. Yup. Blender is great tool for making surfaces, but it is not a CAD software in a manufacturing context.

  35. Never run a 3D cad program in emulation. I mean why?

  36. 2 different types of 3D programs, not to be compared.

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