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  1. I see a bearclaw and a doughnut... both of em are absolute units!

  2. Ask your interviewers how they like working for them, ask them what they would change about their position.

  3. that’s not accurate though. whenever i’ve been asked this while interviewing someone, i gave a very sugarcoated answer. i’m not going to talk shit about the company if i’m trying to hire you

  4. Not 100% but I can read body language and it's very useful to get an idea.

  5. Man.. some of yall are such toxic parts of society. You couldn't see Joaquin Phoenix right there, like a main character in a damn anime and the MASSIVE MOVIE CAMERA following them around or what?

  6. It's just rigging and safety setup for crews to work on the tower. They may be regrouting the inside or painting or installing radio gear on top.

  7. If something electrocuted itself on a ground... call an electrician

  8. Call Andy Dufresne!!! He has a time tested method.

  9. In a world of spades... you're a club... go home

  10. I've seen both the male and female versions for a few months now and was wondering when a Karen like yourself would show it's ugly head.

  11. Traffic is Traffic, the busses will be stuck in it too! I live 7 miles from waterfront park and bike it!

  12. Is this exclusively for cutting wood? I never seen metal cut like this

  13. I play golf too so that wouldn’t sting that much. Until I lose it. Premium golf balls are about $4.25/ea though I pay less as a manufacturer employee. So a disc is more than a ball, but much less than a club. Less likely to lose it due to its size and shorter flight. If I started playing competitively I can see where I would justify it.

  14. To clarify for the lost among us, this video was posted in

  15. The grill you used is shocking, so that wouldn't have helped. Everything is just piled on.

  16. This isn't them... they're making fun of the people in the original video.

  17. I can't play the guitar.... but I'll play along with you!

  18. To be fair... a triple x crotch should have as little coverage as possible to maintain the 3rd x....

  19. It’s the dunking in hot coffee afterwards that gets difficult

  20. I hope they at least offered him a coupon for his trouble.

  21. Remember... you get what you pay for.... I have never used this and don't know the price... but I can tell from this one screenshot that this thing is cheap trash.

  22. I feel like salt lake and Charleston is missing from this list

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