1. 45.5 % ABV? Is this a special edition?

  2. Not as far as I know. Master of malt says 45% so that's kinda peculiar.

  3. Are they hard to acquire? It just got released in my country and it's in quite a few stores.

  4. Seek medical help before it gets unbearable. That's what I did after a couple days of psychosis. Stayed the night in the hospital and got out the following morning, no psychosis since then. I also have autism too.

  5. Once a week. Sometimes I go a week without it no problem. 3-4 small pours.

  6. I use Diazepam. It's basically a weaker but quicker acting Xanax.

  7. Do you have a plan prepared for if you do? I know some people do but I’d definitely warn your psychiatrist if you have one and give a heads up to your close ones just to keep an eye on you in case they see anything. I know it tough but you got this, I believe in you <3

  8. I have Diazepam ready if the anxiety gets unbearable. I gave a heads up to some relatives I'm supposed to meet this weekend. They're supportive.

  9. Well, I didn't receive a disability pension for being "differently abled"

  10. Looks like an Opel kadett c or one of its many siblings.

  11. Diagnosed psychotic disorder here. This is not how psychosis works. When you're in psychosis you're completely out of it and can't self diagnose. Anxiety can also cause those hallucinations.

  12. I remember very little. No idea how much time passed but I remember what my delusions were.

  13. Never had a job, on disability pension for now but I plan to rehabilitate.

  14. You're right, I've only met one white supremacist irl though. I live on the internet and see white supremacy on almost a daily basis.

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