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  1. What is this rare insult, so hurtful in nature, that it merits an asterisk?

  2. There’s something particularly evil about her crying over her Austrian vacation after tormenting someone else’s Austrian evacuation.

  3. Gotta get those holiday snaps up on the old Facebook…

  4. The most important reason for weight loss is harm reduction. Every pound you lose reduces your risk by a little tiny bit. So just think about it that way!

  5. Normally I’m immune by now to the mysoginistic vitriol and find it quite funny, but this one really got to me for some reason.

  6. I'm sorry it affected you; I hope it wasn't triggering in any way ❤️

  7. I’m fine, no worries! Just sorry you had to encounter this turd.

  8. Ah, the Little Leo Arch (or very similar). Our cat, as a 4 month old kitten, took a week to shred it. RIP, Little Leo Arch.

  9. The UK is forecast to reach 41C today. The previous record is only 38.7C, and was only set in 2019. This is 10C higher than the average max temperatures for the year.

  10. Sincere question: when we had a polar vortex in the US a few years ago, people were being scolded for saying that it was a sign global warming wasn't real. The response was typically that "weather" isn't climate, and that an unusually cold year shouldn't be used as a sign that global warming is fake or somehow being reversed.

  11. Great question! You're right: weather is weather, and freak weather is a statistical certainty.

  12. Hello OP, could you link a source please for approval? thank you


  14. I truly hope your child never has to deal with same-sex attraction with you as a parent. It’s people like you that contribute to the horrific suicide rates and mental health outcomes of non cis-het teens.

  15. There’s a lot of fuss here about the study mentioning that environmental factors are significant in determining sexual behaviour. I don’t interpret that as ‘we can turn kids gay’.

  16. This is beautifully written. I fully agree.

  17. Brought up in the UK- we used ‘Mississippi’, too! Or “1, 2, 3, 4; 2, 2, 3, 4; 3, 2, 3, 4”, etc…

  18. This was difficult to read. I’m so glad you got out and have built what seems to be a really fulfilling life for yourself. I fully agree with the points you make about Christian fundamentalism.

  19. I absolutely love the CERN theories because I actually have a bit of inside gossip. Every time one of these comes out the guys and gals at CERN bust a rib laughing.

  20. Absolutely. Our cat comes with us everywhere.

  21. Quick edit- by start ‘now’ I mean as soon as kitty is vaccinated and chipped!

  22. Bonus LPT: if your cats are obsessed with a spot on your wall, check it out. They can hear electrical buzzing you can’t. It may be mice, faulty electrics, or even the USSR spying on you. Either way, better get it checked.

  23. Impressive that they opted for a two pilot cockpit when one would suffice. I appreciate the attention to safety.

  24. Herman Cain award candidate caught live in the wild. Unfortunately they’re not a rare breed, although they’re doing everything possible to make themselves an endangered one.

  25. Just off the bat, any known “severe” anything is a no go. That means can’t dispatch into severe turbulence, icing, or thunderstorms. I’m a dispatcher, only worked for 1 company so don’t have a great diverse knowledge, but it would typically be airline specific for the most part. We typically try to stay 20 miles away from storms but that really comes down to ATC. ATC will route planes through thunderstorms If there is other enough gaps to do so safely. When I route planes around weather I try to give it maybe 50 miles or more space to account for the storms moving and turbulence generated by the storms. I’m vaguely familiar wit the LR crash, but it was definitely caused by pilot error. They didn’t do their checklists, which led to keep things being missed such as ground spoilers and auto brakes, they exceeded the xwind limits, and if I remember correctly they were worried about their duty times which is why they didn’t want to divert (but I could be wrong about the last part). Seems like Ill advised ATC procedure as well, should have made him hold until the worst of it had passed over, which is absolutely standard practice now

  26. Thank you so much for your detailed answer. It’s really appreciated and a great help.

  27. Multiple rules are definitely intertwined that already keep this from happening id imagine. ATC I’m sure has some specific rules that I don’t know. As a dispatcher I pretty much know a few things: no severe weather, and need landing mins. DFW is one of my hubs actually and yeah it’s common to land with TSVC or light thunderstorms over the field. When it gets bad over DFW or IAH though they will put everybody into a holding pattern and that’s when you see multiple diversions. If they are letting people land.. it’s probably because it’s safe. When the storms get bad over the field you lose visibility minimums that not even CAT II can shoot. So to answer your question FAA plus airline specific plus a few unknown ATC regs definitely control those things. Also, ground stops, and ground delays are ways to control arrival rates and mitigate volume. It’s a very controlled system overall IMO

  28. Where’s Wally, trauma-inducing edition. Poor woman.

  29. Where/when were you at school, if you don’t mind sharing?

  30. Hearing some horror stories coming out of conservative US states.

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