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  2. They replaced mine after I experienced the same problem at around 11 months; I was expecting them to just exchange the battery but they gave me a whole new pair. 🤷‍♀️ My new ones are okay so far after two months, but it is very concerning that their flagship product is barely lasting a year for so many people.

  3. You have to put that in to perspective, should we tax everything unhealthy because some people dont have any self control.

  4. LBG. I don't want to learn button combinations, I like having distance from the monster and it's faster/more engaging than the HBG because it requires active dodging.

  5. I completely agree with you. It's the most ridiculous display of a parasocial relationship I've ever seen and probably ever will see. All this time, money and emotion over a group of people who don't even know you exist and whose entire presentation is carefully managed PR/monarchist propaganda. Absolute absurdity—they are not a special bloodline of humans, they are just people.

  6. Added to the list of animals I've never thought about as a baby 🥺😭💖

  7. Yeah, I had no idea this was part of their life cycle. 🤯

  8. It's a parasocial relationship on a national scale. Utterly, utterly bizarre. 🥴

  9. Today is the anniversary of Geronimo’s death. RIP little camelid

  10. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Cineworld Group - the second largest cinema business in the world - is preparing to file for bankruptcy.

  11. Oh no, I feel bad for Jodie Williams. DQ after celebrating and taking photos with everyone... 😪

  12. Why are the cameramen in the beach volleyball sitting on exercise balls?

  13. 🤦‍♂️Run. Through. The. Line. OMG why won't these athletes learn?

  14. I don't understand the BBC's broadcasting decisions. It's disappointing that they're not showing everything, but given that the UK has the third-highest and highest population of Pakistani and South African immigrants, respectively, why would they not show their hockey match...?

  15. It's bizarre that they don't have some kind of official international stream. World-class or medal-winning athletes are in all of the events and this is the highest-profile championship for some of the smaller sports, which would benefit from the publicity.

  16. Wow, the crowds for the indoor events are huge for a weekday morning session.

  17. But they didn't say who it was?

  18. Cedric Dubler (AUS) in Lane 4 had a reaction time of 0.099 seconds, but the false start applies to everyone.

  19. And if it was just the regular race Dubler would've been DQ'd?

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