Polkadot may seem quiet now but I believe one day the ecosystem will start to grow exponentially, bringing in new users every day.

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  1. No. Old naps. Old cats nap more than young ones. There are lots of jokes about old dogs napping. We have horses; the older they are, the more they nap.

  2. Well, my family thinks I am sick, and they’ve self-diagnosed me since my wife is a nurse.

  3. My point is you have to be diagnosed by a qualified doctor or a specialist before they can conclude. No disrespect to your wife’s profession, tho. She meant well.

  4. Polkadot is clearly showing us that it has improved its decision-making process to make it more inclusive and decentralized.

  5. You can’t. They suspended ALL transfers. They are basically holding users assets hostage

  6. Even if the property is never converted to fiat, each transaction is a new taxable event. In the current year, any coin you swap, exchange, convert, sell, earn lending/bonding rewards, mine, earn staking rewards, or receive airdrops on is a taxable event. You can use

  7. probably sitting down and watching all of those long ass tutorial/educational videos about technical analysis, etc.

  8. That’s why I cannot understand how Polkadot can still be so undervalued right now.

  9. That is something I believe most of us desire. Personally, I'd like to retire early.

  10. Are they reliable though? do I have to be worried about anything

  11. So far, so good. They’ve been audited by Certik and have some well-known partners

  12. P2E is gambling. You are not guaranteed to earn anything of value. Be careful.

  13. Even if DeFi looks quite promising,I still don’t trust it because there is no clear set of regulations for the ecosystem.

  14. k4 rally will have a rentable NFTs, pretty sure you can afford those.

  15. I’m not sure about the exact date, but it will be launched this July.

  16. Metagear hosted an AMA earlier, they announced a lot of incoming events and updates about meta and I strongly advise you to listen to the replay. It needs more love.

  17. Don’t worry! Just follow their socmed accounts so you won’t miss the next one.

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