1. Please don’t mention Weezer and Taylor Swift in the same sentence again. Thanks.

  2. They’d have to copy Rush and do it in reverse order because it would be kinda a limp ending otherwise

  3. Don't you dare. 80s-10s Rush is top tier

  4. wow great content thank you for your contribution

  5. If they said this in six paragraphs would it be better?

  6. It would not be a tier list with no commentary

  7. It's a small and trivial thing, but I am bothered mostly by people who send me spotify links when I ask for recommendations. There's no free ver. of Spotify where I live, for one, and I'd rather just be told the name of the album so I can look it up myself

  8. People complaining about mirror matches, but I was on team fist, and I got almost zero mirror matches

  9. This is an album I put on the for the first time in a year+. I bought it on a whim at my local shop1, I vaguely recall thinking I was familiar with the band and indeed I had a couple songs on my iTunes

  10. The Dreadnoughts are an awesome folk punk band that often have accordion, this is one of my favorite song of theirs:

  11. You had me at folk punk!! Thanks a ton for these, and I am a HUGE SKA FAN too

  12. This Is The Day by The The has some really nice accordion parts!

  13. I am adamant that international people would love Christmas In August, an older film, if they don't already, and Next Sohee, a film from this year!

  14. Hong Sang-soo has a new movie almost every year, and this year's In Water was A++

  15. it says that you like all 5 of the characters that appeared on the show

  16. your definition is extremely wide for what is similar to among us

  17. If you're not choosing Impossible Soul, I dunno what to tell ya

  18. That expression means to get what you deserve! So she was accepting the consequences of all her misdeeds

  19. There's also the common "Fuck you, I got mine" saying, used to characterize anyone who succeeds, and then turns around and removes whatever support or assistance enabled that person to succeed in the first place. AKA "pulling up the ladder behind you".

  20. Oh wow! I hadn't thought of that, but it works perfectly as a double meaning!

  21. Myself, I don't really think any of his records are outright bad, just that they don't do as much as they could have. And often I don't even think I have a great justification for thinking that. For example, I feel like Poison Season is so close to being just as good as Kaputt, my personal favorite Destroyer record, but there's something to it where it feels like it's trying to do Kaputt but without the glossy coolness of Kaputt, and then I wander into thinking about other Destroyer releases while listening to it, even if it's quite good. And then Have We Met is exactly trying to do Kaputt again, except with a bit less spareness and more like a 2000s electronica bend, and again it makes me want to listen to Kaputt even if there's lots of value to Have We Met. Labrythitis, though, is where Dan realizes that he's been trying to emulate Kaputt too much and instead tries to do something else, trying to meld the sounds of Poison Season and Have We Met. Ken, for me, feels like someone trying to make a Destroyer album more than a Destroyer album itself. If I had some time, I bet I could make a really good album from the tracks of Poison Season, Have We Met, and Labrythitis (and maybe ken idk).

  22. I'd be curious to hear your 2010s album of bits of each album. Please share your tracklisting if you do make it!

  23. It sounds like you just really like Kaputt a whole lot tbh!

  24. You don't need a certain voice to be a folk punker :) you sound great!

  25. LITERALLY!! I saw someone said RV haven't released anything good since Psycho and that made me want to die. Like bruh have you not heard Feel My Rhythm?? It's not Psycho level of sultry and dark, but they def have not lost their sound. They're just evolving and experimenting which I'm here for. Unlike other groups, RV are consistently doing something new.

  26. Why you gotta slander other groups instead of just saying you prefer RV lol

  27. You're gonna love Go Sailor then :)

  28. Really good but not a Korean movie tho tbh

  29. Worth checking out Next Sohee dir. by Jung Ju-ri. It came out this year, and it's real good but also kinda traumatic but handled well

  30. This! Yes! I've seen it three times, and it's better every time, but I would never want to deprive someone of the thrill of the first surprising watch

  31. Solidarity. It's not bad, it's got ups and downs just like other seasons, and people have outlandish criticisms

  32. I AGREE! Coming from the Tori Amos/Kate Bush sub, I thought there’d be so much more discussion on vocal range, lyrics, musicality, techniques (like all her percussion on the two most recent albums), etc.

  33. Ballad of John & Yoko imo after Denial Twist

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