1. It makes sense to me. It doesn't mean it wasn't horrible circumstances or timing or actions. But he's clearly not ready to get married for quite a while before this due to a variety of issues. He's got self esteem issues about being brought up poor in an abusive household and lingering concerns from his financial struggles in S4 and S5. He's got a terrible fear that he's going to become his father and replay the horrible dynamic of his parents' marriage. Probably also just general anxiety because it's a big decision and a lot of pressure on top of it.

  2. Maybe we could not say spoilers in a thread where the OP specifically said they're in season 3

  3. This was clearly created by someone who is pro-SPing

  4. A new modern classic YES! I dunno why I forgot this one!! I’ve been listening to it all week!

  5. Ohh, I didn't think of instrumentals like those Skatalite cuts! Thank you! Old Dog and Mega Dog are so nice!

  6. Doesn't that make the idea of a golden era kinda irrelevant then. Seems like its just easier to say they have a golden career with no indefinite end

  7. I dunno, like, think of old classics. Bowie's golden era lasted like 10 years lol

  8. Damn, he looks very young for 83 - must be all that buttocks; I mean, botox.

  9. Have you watched any Hong Sang-soo films? His tend to be my favorites! They're dramas and very talk-y, but every one you watch will have you thinking about it for months on end, haha.

  10. Oh, actually this would be my second answer!

  11. *sigh* you could stand to be a little more subtle w/ your casual racism itt, OP. This is not a "Living in Korea" post. This is just complaining about Korean people, with your "Korean friend" confirming that Korean people can't stand someone "looking different"

  12. This is a new one, but "When I tasted it, something precious was lost. I am empty and life is meaningless..."

  13. Rewind to save them. Because… why not?

  14. I usually think like that too! But recently, I was wondering if I always choose classic, why do I treat it like casual haha

  15. Because you're not treating it like Casual. On casual you don't have to care most of the time. Classic without accepting deaths still has you thinking differently. You're treating any death as a fail state, not just the MC(s).

  16. Someone else mentioned that too, and I like that way of thinking! Makes sense!

  17. Weird Al - Your Horoscope for Today!!!!! I had no idea I liked ska as a kid (cuz I only listened to Weird Al and classic rock LOL) but apparently I did <3

  18. You know that South Korea was a US-backed military dictatorship under which regular folks were massacred for, like, 30 years, right?

  19. Start game. Booyah. Simple as that.

  20. Your ranking is so different from mine omg

  21. I’m still convinced they only shipped her and 13 because the Tumblr told them to

  22. It's just a really well-made movie and visually stunning, and for me, personally, it really resonates with me in how it treats characters like Luke and Rey. I like what it says about who can be a hero. I see people commenting that only people who hate Star Wars like it, which leaves ME lost for words, haha

  23. You will be giving me that campfire songs CD (the best AnCo album)

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