1. Unless you are just about to retire, a crash isn’t a bad thing: It means you can buy at a discount.

  2. bullshit, handmade items are of much higher quality than mass-produced factory garbage

  3. Clippy is back for revenge - little did they know clippy V2 eventually turns into a paper clip maximiser!

  4. The idea of the singularity is not that it’s a single point in time, say 3pm one rainy Tuesday next year, but a range of time where you are unable to predict what comes next.

  5. Currently working on a virtual manager project for my company, so far the testers rate it as better than their current manager.

  6. What software are you using? I’ve never been able to find hard evidence of these things actually existing

  7. This only works because someone else is paying for the electricity and the council have a need for heat. Mining isn’t profitable at the moment for most with the cost of electricity.

  8. They are paying for the electricity anyway to heat the pool, so they might as well be using that electricity for computation first

  9. Google sheets is your friend. No tool is as good as the tool you build yourself over many years.

  10. I have a "budget" account with my direct debits for bills going out and my salary going in. Then I have a "spends" account that is linked to a card that I use for discretionary purchases.

  11. I am not giving that evil rag any advertisement money, can someone paste the text?

  12. Not much use for someone using a screen reader, which might be why they’re asking

  13. Good point, I hadn't considered that; although their stated reason was not to give the DM a click (which is a commendable thought)

  14. Scientists don't definitively know the reason behind this change from thicker, coarser fur to these light vellus hairs, and they also don't know exactly when it happened. Still, several theories have been suggested as to what could have sparked the loss of our hair.

  15. An asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool has a 1 in 600 chance of impacting Earth, with NASA keeping a close eye on its orbit.

  16. Is the metaverse dead? Some people think so, but others are still convinced virtual worlds are the future.

  17. We have a small artificial tree, we’ve used it for about 10 years so far and I’m sure it will last longer. Seems the best option to me.

  18. By all means keep using yours as long as you can but the problem with plastic trees is that at some point they need disposal and then they're a big piece of unrecyclable and non-biodegradable plastic.

  19. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I think the carbon of a tree re-used over many years is lower than a biodegradable one used for one year. I could be wrong though.

  20. Can someone explain this? Like what does this mean for v3 - whats the difference. I am as green as a cucumber when it comes to this stuff.

  21. I don’t think it will be that much different to GPT-3, Sam Altman already said that people would be disappointed given all the hype. But the multimodal thing makes me think it will be one system that can do text generation as well as image/video generation.

  22. I don’t need so much cash in my portfolio - you’re absolutely right; I guess I just don’t feel fully comfortable maxing 20k in S&S ISA yet - I’ve only just started with like 250£ last month on that. I know people are putting the flow chart in the comments but this is more than specific to the flow chart I suppose. At a young age of 25 and with a mortgage already, I feel like it’s a little too early to start putting money into a LISA as I have a generous pension at 14% employer contribution for my 4% (I put 10%) so I have about 15k in my pension at 25. I suppose cash gives me more flexibility if I wanted to move away from this country in a few years to go back home and get a property there or something - either way it’s more so the flexibility I’m referring to - but I don’t think I need to be cash heavy - I am just too afraid to put it into stocks

  23. If you are not looking to retire early then you’re fine as you are. If you want to retire early then you need a better return which means some risk.

  24. The younger you are when you insure, the cheaper it is.

  25. Is this true overall or just on the monthly payments? I.e. paying a smaller monthly payment now might actually be more expensive overall when you take into consideration how long you will be paying it?

  26. I had a Fairphone 3, it died for me because of Software, now i have a Pixel 6a GrapheneOS Updates until 2027 and after that Linux on Phones is Hopefully ready, PostmarketOS on my OnePlus 6T already looks great, and they are working on the Fairphone 4 (I would probably wait for the 5 or even 6, depending how long the 6a and 6t does)

  27. The whole point of the fairphone was you can easily repair it if it breaks. What was actually wrong with yours?

  28. If you don’t have any dependents then you don’t need life insurance. Other than that, looks like you have a solid plan. Well done!

  29. it certainly impacts how rewarding it is for some people as an artform for the artist

  30. I would draw a parallel between an athlete where we still run races even though cars are faster

  31. Am I reading that right that vanguard don’t charge a fee under £250k?

  32. No, 0.15% under £250k platform fees, plus roughly 0.2% fund fee depending on the fund you choose.

  33. The interference pattern is a supremely strange result because it implies that both of the particle’s possible paths through the barrier have a physical reality.

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