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oh Nikko

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Kind of a dumb post, but do you ever just wanna play video games but once you have a chance to play you have zero motivation bc you’re just too tired mentally and physically lol

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  1. Tell me about it. I just did for participation credit. Bad race but atleast did not lose either SR or IR. That’s it for me. No more long beach this season

  2. I'm still pretty new to iRacing what is the participation credit mean?

  3. You can earn up to $10 per season of Iracing Credit for participating in a number of races. More here -

  4. My course is never packed. Today was no exception. Was also one of the hottest days of the year so far.

  5. Thanks! I found it on trading paints, the person who made it seems to have a version for every car I’ve driven (and plan to drive it seems).

  6. When we run charity events, we donate them to the Trevor project! Great paint.

  7. That’s awesome! Well if you ever find yourself looking for a mediocre driver (who has at least demonstrated her ability to keep off of the wall as seen here) give me a holler!

  8. We only have IndyCar and iRacing special events in my league , but we do offer leagues in most Sims. Come say hi.

  9. Yeah but have you heard about F1 LIFE? You can customize your couch. Isn't that what you'd rather have than a functional multiplayer?

  10. While you are 100% right that this is unacceptable I think the best way to go (for now until they fix it.. lol) is to let the guy with the most stable connection host. I observed in the last couple years that the SC (and also the abandoned cars that turn to AI as soon as the players left) is spiking around when a) the host has shitty internet or b) the host is for whatever reason alt-tabbing out of the game or opening Steam overlay, hence pausing the game to do so etc.) We also figured in a league that by no one tabbing out or doing one of those said things lobbies have the best chance to not fuck around.

  11. Couldn't do that last year as the host got the lights out first. That bug still around?

  12. Whatever is on my feet when I sit down. I have many pairs of sneakers. None that are specifically for racing.

  13. It was a joint endurance race organized by the joint efforts of three leagues, Apollo Racing Club, Delta Racing League, and Zealous Racing League. This is the first of three races set on the new tracks. Apollo hosted the first, and the other two will host the next ones but that is TBD. All three are great leagues.

  14. This car had quite a day. I was in this event. In cracking up right now. Lol.

  15. try dirt 2 in vr if you have it. absolutely wild, most fun I have had in my sim by far.

  16. OK thanks. I just don't want to distort anything too much, just for the sake of the mirrors

  17. Just for the sake of mirrors! You use them to see other cars. Sort of important. They also show you just how close the cars behind are. The virtual mirror, while very useful, is rather misleading.

  18. We let the game handle this. We've never seen egregious track cutting in 10 seasons of racing ACC.

  19. Can racekabs info be run on a tablet or only as an overlay on top of the game?

  20. Nice. I need something for my tablet while I acc. Everything I've found has been very basic and bland.

  21. Could have sworn when the first images were released that it saw light that was 13 billion years old, just a few thousand years after the big bang ?

  22. Yup. Story of my life. Got a solid Sim racing cockpit too and some days I walk , look at it and then go watch TV instead.

  23. Best thing ive seen on this sub in a long time. holy shit!!!

  24. Only reason 8 ever watch F1 is when it's on at the same time as MotoGP.

  25. Our universe is incomprehensibly big

  26. It's owned by members of the Swedish metal band in flames.

  27. Yes, Revolver is Solid with Pink. BV is transparent with pink.

  28. That's what the claimed. My revolver is translucent orange with literally 0 pink.

  29. Weird. I guess mine must just be special?

  30. I'd say yours is exactly what was advertised. Where as mine is just wrong. I've seen a few people say theirs were also like mine. Pretty bummed when I pulled it out of the sleeve.

  31. I didn't watch the credits but I thought maybe it was him. Does he speak French and German fluently? It doesn't sound like he's just learned a few lines for a show. Sounds natural.

  32. Planet rock baby, one of the earliest hip hop song.

  33. First couple of times i saw this scene the tune tickled my hazy memory. Then just the other day i had on rock the bells on xm, it came on and it finally clicked.

  34. Anyone else see this as just a way to fragment multiplayer even more? We have simgrid , then lfm which definitely offers more than simgrid, and now this?

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