1. Im big fan of both and am very active in both. LFM is great during the day, but at night when I get on ( us east ) the lobby's are spread out to once every 2 hours and most races will be 1 split. If you're in Europe you'll always get multi split races during peak hours.

  2. Was this guy on Hank Trill's album as Metro Boomhauer?

  3. First win came within my first few weeks but I've been racing for a bit. Picked up wins in all series except dirt oval when in rookies. Out side of rookies I have 1 proper road win. Nearly got my second in mx5 the other day but p2 had the slipstream. It was a mind game. I never really think about a win. They just sort of happen.

  4. I walk upstairs and explain the glory of my race to my very very interested wife.

  5. Got a real lol from me. I know this all to well.

  6. 4 play racing. At the time it was the best price.

  7. I guess the question is if there is an open wheel alternative where there is enough participation in the races to fill the split with people of similar IR. Skippy seems to have a lot less folks in it.

  8. F3, but that's also a wreckfest. I've been taken out 3 or times on lap 1 this week. Show caution for the cars ahead. Cars behind kill you. I also do f4. Kinda feel like the open wheel series attract so e really bad drivers.

  9. The door was open, all you did was walk through. Its a good move, but low chance it works out. I would have worried about the 16 car turning in before i got the move done.

  10. Figured I'd race IMSA this week cuz I was tired of all the divebombs in F3/F4.

  11. F3 has been dog shit this week. Punted every race (4) on lap 1.

  12. Do you know any racing shoes that fit wide feet?

  13. I've never found 1 shoe to have any advantage over another. So I race in whatever sneakers are on my feet at the time.

  14. I'm wouldn't call myself a besties fan. Not the style of rap/hip hop I enjoy. That said, this show is great. The energy they hit the stage with for super disco breaking. It's great. Rip MCA.

  15. I mostly race the LMP2, im just doing gt4s this week because i love the Nordschleife. Also, is the nordschleife on acc by now, i havnt started that game up in a while?

  16. They usually don't, but there was news a couple of weeks ago that there will be coverage for this one.

  17. I'm pretty sure it's been on video pass since I became a subscriber since all the TV crew is set up from the previous weekend's race they just stream it to video pass. I remember watching it several times in years past.

  18. Switch over to rush non stop and see how she feels!

  19. Our portions are too large. We drink too much soda and booze. We are the most sedentary we have ever been in the US anyway. Ultra processed foods are tricking our brains into continuing to consume calories we neither need nor really want.

  20. Had a friend tell me she was switching doctors because she was tired of her current doctor fat shaming her.

  21. There needs to be more communication in the rally races, seriously.

  22. Or maybe a screen telling you how far away on coming traffic is.

  23. Somone should invent some kind of heads up display. Maybe one that could show how far cars are relative to each other. Maybe we could just call it a "Relative" /s

  24. That's what my sarcasm was implying. Guess not using the /s was my fault. I'm aware there's a realtives screen guys.

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