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  1. Gotta add an 8th chevron to extend the network

  2. I’m an old guy, would someone please explain the reference?

  3. Key West. Hemingway House, Smathers Beach, Ghost Tour, Ferry to Dry Tortugas, Duvall St., Blue Heaven brunch.

  4. You can bring your own toothbrush too. Oops should’ve waited until this is posted on the other sub. See y’all there.

  5. I wanna look at that view while listening to “Norwegian Wood” by John Lennon, with that bird, before she’d flown.

  6. Not wearing a seatbelt. And a bunch of kids in the back of a pickup truck or station wagon.

  7. Could the allure be more of a freudian thing, not in a sexual way but more in the way our mothers are protectors?

  8. The notion of a warrior with no sense of reason or accountability is terrifying. I’m paraphrasing Jack Nicholson, not me.

  9. Military fighter pilots have a long and proud history of hauling contraband in external pods.

  10. New Orleans is not dangerous if you use good judgement, just like any big city. That said, it would not be much fun for a 14 year old. There is so much to do in Orlando besides Disney - Downtown Disney/Cirque de Soliel, Universal, Epcot, indoor skydiving. Highly recommend Orlando.

  11. Sorry, you said Disney Land not World, still so much in LA including Universal, but why not go to Orlando. Disney World Orlando is so much bigger and a different experience, same with Universal.

  12. I live in northwest arkansas and even here housing prices are ridiculous. And the closest neurologist is over an hour away because we lost so many healthcare workers because of Covid (they didn’t die they just left healthcare). Even in America it can take months or years to be seen by a specialist (I have been waiting to see a neurologist for two years). I have several chronic illnesses and it’s almost impossible to get in to a specialist. Healthcare here is tied to your job so if you get a job that doesn’t offer good insurance you are kinda SOL. Also gun violence and political unrest is on the rise in the US. I would honestly stay in Canada.

  13. That’s more expensive, different parts required for each engine.

  14. In zero-G, having a missing leg should not be a disability. The only real problem will be on the ground if there is an emergency.

  15. Dad made me a roast beef sandwich, halfway through eating it he disclosed that it was cow tongue.

  16. Ignore the “Quarter is tourist trap” posts, explore it! Check out the shops on Royal Street, have a hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s, Make a dinner reservation at Commander’s Palace, ride the street car down St. Charles Ave, check out Frenchman St area, St Louis Cathedral, Cafe Du Monde, walk Bourbon Street in the evening. You’ll figure it out. Don’t wander off or do anything stupid.

  17. Crowds of regular people have ignored the screams while women were assaulted, raped and murdered. It’s not limited to the elite.

  18. And you make fun of people who watch Fox news but then maintain your own closed loop.

  19. You don’t seem to understand the term. It refers to people who crowd the entry to boarding prior to their group being called. Has nothing to do with status.

  20. Just to broadly reply haha, I am totally not opposed to staying elsewhere. I just thought it seemed close to good stuff. I was a bit concerned about the noise and what not but, I have never been so I wasn't sure how bad it would be on a random couple days in January.

  21. Stay at Times Square, the touristy vibe is cool, and guess what, you’ll be a tourist. I stay at the Marriott, they have a bar overlooking the square. Close to Broadway, Soho, everything - you’re in central Manhattan. Also lower priced Hampton and others nearby if you want something cheaper.

  22. Telling a stupid person that calling a smart person stupid, is well, just stupid.

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