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  1. I'm doing the research and consulting a few trusted TMs about unionizing. I know I'll lose my job over it but I'm so angry about the last year of hell target had put me through that if no one else is doing it. Fuck it. I'll do it.

  2. You cannot get fired for reaching out to a union representative. That’s a lawsuit and guaranteed unemployment payouts. Just don’t give them any excuse or reason to fire you otherwise.

  3. I know legally they can't but they'll make shit up to do it. The ringleader of organizing unions is usually thrown under the bus even if it's illegal. I'm banking on them not being smart enough to cover their tracks about it though.

  4. Folks overestimate the legal capabilities of Target, especially a single store. They don’t want the headache, they’ll negotiate. Just sayin.

  5. How about you create a LinkedIn profile and add the link to your CV?

  6. That Wendys yearly revenue chart has me dead lmao

  7. Chinas being China about it though. Lockdowns, random chains of people in hazmat suits walking the streets, etc. chinas just one big shit show of self inflicted wounds at this point.

  8. The world cowering at a virus that has the same average age of death as the countries life extectancy is what gave Putin the conviction to go through with an invasion he's wanted to do for awhile. Putin sees the world as weak because we destroyed the economy and forced 33% of businesses to permanently close over a disease that takes months off people's lives, not years.

  9. 5000 avg calorie burn! What am I doing lol

  10. Your upset? Imagine the person expecting their attianese tomato passata only to be met with a new phone. Poor soul

  11. I just stumbled upon this one. Its pretty great too.

  12. If you got to the offer stage and salary was not settled on that's a red flag. That conversation should have been had during your first conversation with them.

  13. Y’all deserve so.. so much more than this. Don’t let corporate fool you

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