The return of RTD in a nutshell

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  1. "so this is how it all ends. pond, flirting with pond, true love at last."

  2. Someone should take that bottle and pour it on his fucking face.


  4. Someone get me Andre the Giant and a Necromancer, we've got a job to do boys!

  5. Working class is getting squeezed out of the Miami Beach

  6. Don't worry the slum lords will provide plenty of sub-par housing. Well, by plenty I mean just barely enough so that everyone fights over a $1,500 roach infested studio in Little Havana. The beach is for the rich people, so sayeth the GOP!....The poor folks can have it back when it begins to sink and the rich flee to a climate haven.

  7. Am I insane or does the link not mention a single thing about this?

  8. This implies that RTD is going to go mad with power

  9. And we'll all be the better off for it! First Doctor Who then he'll fix ALL of television

  10. Madison Cawthorn might put on some lingerie for you though.

  11. Is that Roland the headless Thompson gunner?

  12. Roland was a Thompson gunner from the land of the midnight sun....He was not Serbian.

  13. Watch for bikes?! You have to be joking. People here can't even seem to watch for trains! Not saying the cyclists are wrong, but I think an argument can be made that cycling in Ukraine might be safer than Key Biscayne.

  14. Any particular reasons for a US manufacturer? AFAIK, all the leading brands make most of their endpoints in China

  15. The warm fuzzy feeling I get from seeing a "Made in the USA" sticker mostly, curiosity filling in the gap.

  16. Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future

  17. Wow, I am an OG …. I remember him , he was a James Brown inspired singer with crazy hair. This song is new to me however I could only imagine the show, the crowd and Miami back in the day.

  18. Do you happen to know where "The Barn" was on 79th street? Love to dig some local history out of this.


  20. you mean those 8% that are nazi in that battalion.

  21. Every military has a small percentage of these inbred fuckers, even the US. I recall recently reading that there was actually a split in the military/political sides of this militia, and the ones left in the military disavowed the ideaology (nazism) of the political wing.

  22. Given that Florida banned math textbooks how else can she teach division ? Everything is about the right wing establishing their religion as our government ... or Gideon.

  23. Gideon? Giving the egotists on the right you think it could be that simple?! Nope, I'm picturing something more akin to America, a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Trump World Wide. Heading to one of the southern states? You'll be visiting DeSantis Land, the Happiest Place on Earth (for straight white males).


  25. Aww thats a bummer. Well thank you very much. Where did you find the model number?

  26. How bout BenGaetz? Smear some asshole on your asshole.

  27. You just add it as a regular SIP account with SIP username/password and server info.

  28. I'm sorry, but I really don't understand your answer. Add what as a regular SIP account? Again, my thinking here was that I would be able to use the device on 2 services. First a Broadsoft based platform for PTSN and extension dialing, and then as a Zoom device to participate specifically in Zoom calls/meetings.

  29. It's not so much about danger, it's about the unit working right. And flame needs air. How big a room is it ? And is there any ventilation heating or cooling in the room ?

  30. Its a small laundry room, about 8'x8'. There are no air vents at all in the room (other than the one that vents out the heater itself). Do you think, as was suggested earlier in the thread, a pet door with no flap would provide enough air flow?

  31. No, it is a standard door, no openings in it, though I would be cutting a hole in the bottom for a cat door as we keep the kitty litter in that room.

  32. For those in Miami-Dade, they have several upcoming events for extremely caring human beings who would be willing to open their homes to foster animals.

  33. It would be nice if my toaster made coffee too. The Vivint panel can hardly run its own OS, I very much doubt you'd get something like HomeAssistant running on it.

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