1. Honestly I think that doc Mitchell’s story was more sad

  2. The only difference is that Randall lost both his wives and his son and also his unborn son.

  3. First time I found his body, it had me crying. It was like finishing a good book where the chapters had gaps between them that you could fill in yourself. And he wasn't an outlandish character, he was just a normal man trying to do the right thing, with seemingly everything against him. He went through the worst tragedy a man could go through given the circumstances not once, but twice. And in the end despite all the depression and threatening to end his own life, he chose to ride it out and make sure those children in the valley were taken care of. Randall Clark is the best side story and most memorable and I'm glad I could clear the rest of vault 22 with his gun, just for good measure.

  4. Don’t blame the residents of vault 22 for eating those people you should blame vault tec for creating a bacteria fungus that made those residents go mad.

  5. Fuck which do i hate more BOS or furries

  6. Technically all bugs and glitches are part of the Think Tank's experiments

  7. It will have been better if mr house just placed his brain into a machine instead of having a rot corpse in a tube.

  8. I like to portrayed my courier as an adventurer post apocalyptic wastelander with a riot advanced armor. Perhaps it’s because it feels so apocalyptic. Also I side with House since I have no desire on ruling and also because I don’t want neither the Legion or NCR to keep control over the Mojave since for me I just want to explore other parts of America without having any worries.

  9. Oooo umm Clark probably has the better legacy. Maxson has a much further reaching and bigger role in the overall politics of the post war world but his followers became a fanatical group and in some cases akin to totalitarian regimes. But his main principle wasn’t unfounded. He saw what scientists and their pursuit of “the next great step” brought to the world and didn’t want a repeat of the same. Which meant they were blinded. Clark tried to do his best to guide a couple of wayward groups and in his final act he succeeded. The Sorrows were good and they did good. But he didn’t teach them to defend what was theirs and it’s a grave mistake that almost loses them their lives or Zion. But the meek shall inherit the earth so I’d say Clark’s legacy was more good. I feel like Clark’s legacy was out of love and Maxson’s was out of fear.

  10. The worst part is that the Brotherhood forgot about Maxson due tyo their obsession of technology

  11. Depends what you mean: whose the better character? Clark hands down. His story is so much more compelling and heartbreaking. Who would win in a fight? Probably Maxson. Power armor probably gives Maxson the edge.

  12. In which who had a great legacy to the people they helped since both of them were in the us army and clearly helped people in need.

  13. House wants them dead, no matter what

  14. Even if you make an alliance with the brotherhood in the Yes Man route they'll become tech raiders at the end.

  15. Shouldn't house be slightly auth since he literally plans to become an autocrat. I know he's prolly like the more chill side of dictator compared to ceasar. I could even see him dictating less than the ncr but still, authoritarian. I mean he won't work with u until you kill the BOS and there's literally no need it's not like they can actually stop him. But no, he says they gotta die

  16. Let's be honest, clearly all the four main factions in Fallout New vegas doesn't like the Brotherhood. The NCR doesn't like them because the Brotherhood declare war on the NCR since they didn't want the Republic to use Enclave technology and in the process the BoS attack caravans and also destroy the gold supply of the republic. Yes Man clearly advises you to not help them since he states that they will become a major threat to an independent Vegas and in one ending slides they clearly began to harrass wastelanders and attack caravans for technology and even if you have good reputation with the Brotherhood they'll rather listen more to their codex than to you as it was shown when some paladins killed follower members.

  17. basically it's a livestreamer that shows a virtual character which moves with face tracking software instead of them showing their real face. It's been growing in popularity for the last few years

  18. Ah ok, but Mr. House isn’t really a vtuber since his photo in the terminal isn’t moving and he’s basically using a picture of him instead of some anime character moving on the screen.

  19. Mr. House is someone important remember that he is the founder of RobCo and without him we wouldn't have gotten the Pip-Boys.

  20. Bioshock 1 is the best in the series and Minerva's den is the best dlc in the series

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